AIM Name J0SHBOX = scammer

Live forum:


05-06-2005 14:28:00

He's cruising the forums looking for noobs mostly I think and will contact them on aim if he can.....He asked if I was able to trade and then when I wanted him to go green first due to how he contacted me he blocked me.

[1717] J0SHB0X Hello Are you there?
[1717] lilili Auto-response sent to J0SHB0X around...
[1717] OddJOB1266 yo
[1717] J0SHB0X I saw your post on FIG..
[1718] J0SHB0X still need freeminimacs?
[1718] OddJOB1266 uh huh
[1718] J0SHB0X ok cool... wana trade?
[1718] J0SHB0X i need freeflatscreens
[1718] OddJOB1266 if you go green first i will
[1718] J0SHB0X can you still do that?
[1719] lilili "J0SHB0X" signed on at Sun Jun 05 171901 2005.
[1719] OddJOB1266 what do u mean?
[1719] J0SHB0X have you singed up
[1719] J0SHB0X for
[1719] OddJOB1266 oh yeah i can still do that...haven't signed up for it yet
[1719] J0SHB0X ok cool
[1719] J0SHB0X if you do that for me i will do oyur freeminimacs
[1720] OddJOB1266 will you go green first?
[1720] lilili "J0SHB0X" signed off at Sun Jun 05 172049 2005.


07-06-2005 11:35:20

By any chance is his handle on here "Josh"? I recently was asked by Josh to start a trade for my FreePSPs for his FreeFlatscreens. He was responsive up to the point of me going green. Since then, I've gotten no replies to the PMs I've sent. He did update the trade module to show he's greened, but I show no greens other than what I already had. He logs in every/nearly every day, so I don't know what's up.


07-06-2005 11:44:05

no i think there is a joshbox here....


07-06-2005 18:02:27

Not to be jerk but I didn't think you were supposed to post your link in your signature like that???


07-06-2005 18:04:08

[quote09ab999ce1="oddjob1266"]Not to be jerk but I didn't think you were supposed to post your link in your signature like that???[/quote09ab999ce1]

Are you talking to me?


07-06-2005 18:40:10

nope...i was talking to star-crossed


07-06-2005 18:43:58

OddJOB1266 back at it again eh?
J0SHB0X nope
OddJOB1266 what now then?
J0SHB0X just chillin
OddJOB1266 what made ya unblock me?
J0SHB0X a little board
J0SHB0X um i never blocked you
J0SHB0X i might of singed off and left but never blocked you ;-)
J0SHB0X no need to
OddJOB1266 yeah i know ur lying....i have more than one name...when u show up for one and not the other...means u blocked me
J0SHB0X right
J0SHB0X well sorry
OddJOB1266 no prob...u can any1 to go green for u?
J0SHB0X what?
OddJOB1266 did you get anyone to go green for ya?
OddJOB1266 u know scammin em...
J0SHB0X yea
OddJOB1266 how many?
J0SHB0X enough
J0SHB0X not proud of it but whatever
OddJOB1266 do u have a forum name too?
J0SHB0X maybe, maybe not
J0SHB0X dont use it much anyways
OddJOB1266 ha...why so paranoid?
OddJOB1266 ???
J0SHB0X cuz your a gangsta
OddJOB1266 a gangsta huh?
J0SHB0X yea
J0SHB0X straight up
J0SHB0X and no, im not paraniod
J0SHB0X but id prefer for people not to know who i am ;-)
OddJOB1266 i wasn't gonna tell...just wanted to know for my own well being
J0SHB0X right
J0SHB0X dont think it really matters
OddJOB1266 what do i stand to gain from it?
J0SHB0X nothing
J0SHB0X so it really doesent matter
OddJOB1266 and anyway if ur gonna screw some1 it'll be a new guy anyway
J0SHB0X or maybe not
OddJOB1266 well you could at least let me know....
J0SHB0X id rather not
J0SHB0X that would just be dumb
J0SHB0X ill just stay secret and keep getting more stuff
OddJOB1266 well good luck w/ that
J0SHB0X thanks but i dont need it

He is proud of it....won't tell me too much though....anyway to get his ip off of aim? Anyway stay away from him on aim....


07-06-2005 18:49:30

Direct connect-->msdos-->netstat


07-06-2005 18:51:24

so i just have to get him to direct connect eh?...should be easy


08-06-2005 05:24:34

[quote9a84576db9="oddjob1266"]nope...i was talking to star-crossed[/quote9a84576db9]
Uh, the link in my sig is for a forum post on here. How is that illegal?


08-06-2005 16:04:17

You should edit this post to indicate that the AIM name was not JOSHBOX but was instead J0SHBOX.


08-06-2005 16:08:30

Wow i cant believe someone was using my name to scam. Anyway that is not even close to my aim screen name and I will never trade in aim without a pm confirmation first to verify.


09-06-2005 12:45:23

Someone also tried to impersonate me
with the AIM name JUNIOR668866 (digusting...) if only there was a way we could have a community wise consensus to never use AIM when conducting trades.....


09-06-2005 14:10:00

i hate splattered


12-06-2005 13:45:56

netstat through aim doesn't work anymore since aim changed dc to reroute to prevent ip tracking.


13-06-2005 21:40:45

yeah i tried it, and no results....but it was worth a try