i prepaid geej86 for oddtech4free 2 months ago

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05-06-2005 12:17:56

since you won't answer my recent pm's i am making this post. i think 2 months is patient enough to wait for a green? so can you please paypal me back the $22 paypal i prepaid you, like you said you would 10 days ago? thanks!


05-06-2005 12:25:22

Wow... 2 months ago is WAY to long

Sorry you had to put up with that -/, it must suck.


14-06-2005 05:19:01

I had a slight issue before with GeeJ86, but he resolved it.

However, since then, we reached an agreement he would do my FreePSPs for $17. He went yellow for me on 5/26 using Hydroderm, but no Green yet. He has read my PMs but no response yet. Hopefully he'll work it out. Especially since he was just on the forum the other day buying $50 in CDs.

I haven't had a response from GeeJ86 since he received my paypal payment on 5/31.

Either he a) never completed the offer or b) needs to contact Gratis for manual credit. It must not be hard to do, easier than buying $50 in CDs on this forum!