JUNIOR668866 is a piece of shit

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05-06-2005 11:04:49

JUNIOR668866 hey
DarkRagingFlames hey who is this?
JUNIOR668866 im from freeipodguide
DarkRagingFlames oh hi
JUNIOR668866 i saw you on there
JUNIOR668866 whats up? i was wondering if you could still do freeflatscreens? im paying 25$ per green or a trade
DarkRagingFlames have you done mp3players4free.com yet?
JUNIOR668866 no i havent done any OC yet
DarkRagingFlames they haven't approved my offer yet,does that matter?I just did it yesterday,so that may be why'
JUNIOR668866 yea it takes a few days
JUNIOR668866 and plus they dont credit on weekends
DarkRagingFlames oh,can we still trade though?
JUNIOR668866 wanna do that as a trade then?
DarkRagingFlames yes please,im new to this,what is ur forum screenname
JUNIOR668866 its junior6886
DarkRagingFlames k
JUNIOR668866 since i have a higher trade rating you go first
JUNIOR668866 then once you get credited i go
JUNIOR668866 im a +14
DarkRagingFlames I know,ive done trading sites before...just not this one
JUNIOR668866 oh ok
JUNIOR668866 want my link?
DarkRagingFlames sure,one second
JUNIOR668866 kk
DarkRagingFlames what does karma -23 mean
JUNIOR668866 thats just pointless points... people can give people + or - its pretty much anything goes.
DarkRagingFlames can I trust ya to complete the trade?
JUNIOR668866 i probably have low becuase im a smart ass
JUNIOR668866 anyways, want me to grab my link?
DarkRagingFlames ok,but,can I trust you?lol
JUNIOR668866 yea im a +14
JUNIOR668866 which is fairly high
JUNIOR668866 its alright
DarkRagingFlames ok give me the link
JUNIOR668866 http//www.FreeFlatScreens.com
JUNIOR668866 there ya go
DarkRagingFlames does free flat screens have a free trial?like,AOL,where you can cancel and dont have to pay for anything
JUNIOR668866 yep
DarkRagingFlames k
JUNIOR668866 try simple escapes
DarkRagingFlames k
DarkRagingFlames do you get credited automactially
JUNIOR668866 no but video professor online you do and its free
JUNIOR668866 try that one instead
DarkRagingFlames k
DarkRagingFlames see if my referall came through,i signed up
JUNIOR668866 not yet... could take a few thouch
JUNIOR668866 lithough
DarkRagingFlames k
JUNIOR668866 email==adarkshadow@gmail.comadarkshadow@gmail.com=adarkshadow@gmail.comadarkshadow@gmail.com/email ?
DarkRagingFlames ya
JUNIOR668866 ok cool
JUNIOR668866 so video professor online is free and instant
DarkRagingFlames lol whats with the cds i they say to get
JUNIOR668866 thats a different one
JUNIOR668866 look for "video professor online" not "video professor"
DarkRagingFlames k
DarkRagingFlames im signing up for Efax Plus
JUNIOR668866 that takes a long time to credit
JUNIOR668866 and you must stayt past the 30 day trial
DarkRagingFlames oh dam,lol
DarkRagingFlames what about Napster?

JUNIOR668866 thats good
JUNIOR668866 takes a few
DarkRagingFlames days
JUNIOR668866 yea
DarkRagingFlames ok ill do that then
JUNIOR668866 ok
JUNIOR668866 you have to download it and then open it and enter your billing info (like cc number and stuff) to get credit.. its a 7 day trial
DarkRagingFlames I know,im already doing the napster to go trial though...you think I can do just the napster ?
DarkRagingFlames nevermind,ill just do the video professer
JUNIOR668866 actualy i dont think napster is a good idea
DarkRagingFlames when i click it says I have to buy the cds....i really dont want them,lol
JUNIOR668866 some people havent gotten credit for awhile
JUNIOR668866 just do video professor online
DarkRagingFlames i click it & it takes me to the regular one with the bonus cds
DarkRagingFlames what about Cheap Tickets
DarkRagingFlames nevermind,you have to pay,lol
DarkRagingFlames ill do simple escapes,$1 isnt much
JUNIOR668866 signed off at 122250 PM.

Not only do I NEVER EVER use aim to discuss free sites
I havent touched my freeflatscreen account in MONTHS
If you ever see anyone claiming to be me on AIM just
tell them to shut the fuck up and turn their reflink in
for spamming. Looks like my high TR is starting to work against me
Im sorry DarkRagingFlames for your loss...... cry


05-06-2005 11:11:55

dam him,im DarkRagingFlames by the way
has anyone ever heard of the guy who imed me though?


05-06-2005 11:19:25

He's always IM'in people on AIM trying to scam them by using other screenames on the board. He isn't going to let up anytime soon. People just need to use their head and ALWAYS verify via PM the person they are talking to on AIM. If they give you some BS excuse, report them IMMEDIATELY.


05-06-2005 11:31:40

[quote79293e7ec5="comppimp"]He's always IM'in people on AIM trying to scam them by using other screenames on the board. He isn't going to let up anytime soon. People just need to use their head and ALWAYS verify via PM the person they are talking to on AIM. If they give you some BS excuse, report them IMMEDIATELY.[/quote79293e7ec5]

Yea exactly... you could try reporting that link to gratis also, but i dont know if that will do any good...


05-06-2005 11:33:39

any ideas on if hes a member of this board?


05-06-2005 13:04:27

[quote49f7182896="Craig"]any ideas on if hes a member of this board?[/quote49f7182896]
He probably just reads for good members as a guest. Sucks.