How many times have you been scammed?

Live forum:


05-06-2005 00:32:54

So from trading on these forums, how many times has someone scammed you??


05-06-2005 01:10:41

ive been scammed about 3 times i think, and someone has used my name to scam about maybe 5 people.


05-06-2005 01:59:35

3 times that I can remember. I've learned from those times though.


05-06-2005 02:07:50

None for me so far, hopefully can keep it that way x


05-06-2005 02:16:30

0... just dont be dumb


05-06-2005 08:25:12

i have been scammed atleast a couple dozen times in all my trading since i started all this last november ( quicktrade really did a number on me, a handfull on this site but i havent been here much, then allot more on anything4free forums. wow my bottom line would have been awesome otherwise!


05-06-2005 08:43:56

4 times


05-06-2005 10:03:18

0 but considering i never go first unless its with someone i know i guess it would be hard to scam me


05-06-2005 10:09:56

Yeah, I haven't been scammed on here either, but on refstop where you're supposed to pay I got scammed twice roll


05-06-2005 10:25:00

Never have been scammed. I was almost scammed by RetroActive122 (AIM) but luckily my credit card was denied when I did his offer.


05-06-2005 10:48:22

Never- always try to get to know someone a little before you trade with them


05-06-2005 10:50:03

2-3, back when i was a n00b


05-06-2005 11:05:20

I haven't been scammed yet, except for being a n00b I guess I scammed myself when I first started this. I signed up and greened for myself on freepsps lol...


05-06-2005 13:28:54

The poll should have been made differently. You should be able to distinguish 0 from 1... oh well.

I've been scammed once. AIM was bllrsrllon22s I forget what his forum name was, but he was banned. He got a green on psps4free out of me. He was a new trader and I was a new trader and I went first from him. Lesson... don't go first for anyone under 5TR, and if you do... do a trade, don't send paypal to new members.

Unless gustonetwork doesn't pan out... then I'll have been scammed twice.


05-06-2005 13:55:55

[quote1743930017="halfbreed"]I haven't been scammed yet, except for being a n00b I guess I scammed myself when I first started this. I signed up and greened for myself on freepsps lol...[/quote1743930017]

lmao nice!


05-06-2005 13:59:47

Got scammed on my very first "trade" ever by bennyboy (from these forums). Learned from that experience and haven't repeated since.... at least as far as I know. Still need to submit a few for approval.

Overall trading experience has been pretty positive. Best to stick with the old-timers when you're a n00b and stick with the n00bs when you're an old-timer. We're all trying to get the same things in the end.


08-06-2005 16:14:59

3 times (

2 times by CC40
1 time by a guy that was a proven scammer (my fault, I sent the WebCertificate first... NEVER again!)