steve30000 Is A Scammer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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04-06-2005 04:03:41

Well heres the short story. I did a referral for his DVR4FREE account a 2 weeks before they closed. Well it said that tickle would turn green after 2 days and it didn't so I contact them and asked them to confirm the offer was completed...they closed but still returned the email that day stating that I did in fact complete the offer.

steve30000 was ticked and requested the trade be deleted...well I said I have the emails from their customer support to show that I did complete the offer and the tickle confirmation email and would be more than happy to sent it to him so he would do my offer or at least pay me $12 paypal to pay for the tickle.

Of course after a couple of emails and pm's he agreed and signed up to my desktops...he has been yellow for 2 1/2 weeks and does NOT return my emails or pm's.

So the final outcome is he is a SCAMMER Stay away from him!

I suggest staying away from him!