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03-06-2005 22:43:48

I'm posting this at every forum that I know this jerk skulks around. I don't know if this person is real, or an imposter, but at this point I couldn't give a damn.

I was scammed by this punk over at refstop. Real name [bdb212952df]TUAN TRAN[/bdb212952df] and all the email addresses I know of that they hold are is their paypal address. DON'T TRUST THIS LYING PIECE OF SHIT. I paid him/her to do a ref for me and they never followed through. Even though I filed a paypal complaint, this person lied and said that they did provide the service I paid for. Since there was no tangible items, paypal didn't find in my favor. I lost 20 bucks to this piece of shit fuck.

Don't let this person rope you in by saying that if he doesn't go through with the deal, you can always file a complaint with paypal and get your money back. This wormy little shit knows that paypal doesn't find in favor of buyers when a "service" is provided rather than goods. I fell for it, but you don't have to.

ETA This guy is behind some loser site called Tiger Pay (http// I found this post of his at another board

[idb212952df]I have been planning this website for a very long time now, but I finally got a chance to make it. My site is called referral classified. Basiclly its sorta like any other referral trading site but this one is completely automated and its based on you to determine who to trust by viewing their feedback. This site is currently still under construction but I can not keep it a secret no longer, so there will be some bugs and errors. Everything looks good so far, so try this site out and tell me what you think. I know as some of you may think the url sounds corny but thats the only domain I have. If someone could donate me some money so I could buy a domain it would be great, I will have your listing featured on the front page my paypal email= is is [/idb212952df](note the paypal address). [idb212952df]Listing is free, Sign up is free, everything is for free.

http// [/idb212952df]

Don't trust this bitch.