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02-06-2005 07:12:37

I think it's pretty safe to say she's a scammer. She owes me a green as well as several other people, and she seems to have disappeared.

She also sent me the exact same PM she sent someone else, claiming to have simply "overlooked" the fact that she owed you a green when completing offers for others. Additionally, she signed up for my phreepsps account in a trade and subsequently has promised that site to someone else.

I'll be glad to delete this should she fix things, but I believe that to be highly unlikely.


02-06-2005 21:04:13

im waiting 4 her too


02-06-2005 21:28:56

We have right to believe she and someone else have faked TR, we have not been crediting her in terms of those "fake TR." We also have reason to believe she is a scammer, i will lower her TR tempoary to prevent further trading until this issue is resolved.


03-06-2005 00:05:31

I have no problem with you setting my TR to -1. I don't plan on doing any more trades until I have all my current ones resolved (which I am working on, I promise).

As for the the fake TR issue... not sure what that is about, but i'll resolve it in PM.


03-06-2005 01:07:55

rofl aeyla stop pretending you did offers for us


03-06-2005 06:25:32

her old name was Zainy if anyone got scammed by Zainy please let us know


03-06-2005 07:09:02

stroid, when I first set up a trade with her "zainy" was still her name. I'm not sure why she changed it (I could take a few guesses, however), but I noticed it and kept track of her under her new name.


03-06-2005 07:17:28

its funny how she replied her but is not answering my pms


03-06-2005 12:40:22

she has been replying to my PMs within a decent timeframe....she still owes me a psps4free green....prove them wrong Aelya!!!



03-06-2005 13:25:16

i would love to be proven wrong


03-06-2005 23:41:07

I've filed manual credit requests with all my current trades... a couple have gone green but the rest still have no response... I hope OC and Gratis still work on weekends (


04-06-2005 09:01:52

what about my trade?


05-06-2005 13:34:04

i am also waiting, she claimed she had a problem with the security settings on IE or some crap like that...

man, do i have bad luck...this is my third run-in with a scammer,

however, nothing beats the drama queen CC40, who, by the way, still owes me a green.



05-06-2005 13:37:47



05-06-2005 14:10:36

yeah, aelya you really need to start doing new offers for the ones you owe....


05-06-2005 16:26:54

a scammer who donates? disgusting!


06-06-2005 12:40:25

I'm still waiting for my freeipods green..(((


06-06-2005 12:44:03

ya this is getting ridiculous...


06-06-2005 15:32:02

damn same here cept im for photoipods... been a month and a half she went yellow... so would a scammer really go yellow??? seems like unsmart on there part


06-06-2005 15:33:12

and dragonguy83... your not a whole lot better been two weeks since you "completed an offer" yet your still yellow... and are not answering my pms


06-06-2005 16:17:35

WHAT R U TALKING ABOUT i got your last pm but dont remember a trade. please remind me


06-06-2005 16:21:15

i just looked it up and did the vp online offer i even have the email from them. i dont know why they have not given credit. would you like to see it?


06-06-2005 23:27:44

I am skeptical but am willing to give her a chance. Here is my story so far

She PMed me about a thread I made and said that she would do a trade and go green for me as soon as I went green for her. I did a site for her but am currently still waiting on it to credit since it is a POS offercentric site licoughli bastards! licoughli. But anyways I initiated a trade with her, PMed her about it, and she confirmed the trade soon after my PM. Now here is the part that is still up in the air (read Aelya listen up)... I am going to be past the 10 day mark without receiving credit within 2 days, and will hopefully go green once completing all the BS necessary to get that resolved. This is where I decide if Aelya is a worthy trader, if she is able to complete an offer for me soon after I go green. I'll update on here once it all goes down.


07-06-2005 16:31:10



07-06-2005 16:34:35

i know................


09-06-2005 15:35:12

i am on the verge of saying 100% that Aelya is a SCAMMER. The name is showing on the registered users to visit the site today, yet no response to my PMs, why not Aelya? I know you have been reading these forums. Tell me what your situation is, thats all Im asking. Completing another offer is not that hard!!!


09-06-2005 15:39:12

she has been bant sorry guys


10-06-2005 09:44:57

As much as that sucks, good call. She owed me 2 greens as well.


10-06-2005 11:01:10

is it against the rules to give me her email? id like to email her for further interrogation )


10-06-2005 23:15:53

ive reported her ref id for spamming \


14-06-2005 03:04:59

Well there goes another one on my list who has successfully scammed me. Yet somehow these threads never seem to pop up until after I've done my part of the trade... roll Now I see why everyone just pays money instead of going through all the bullshit involved with trading referrals.

Hindsight is 20/20. |


14-06-2005 06:39:47

how did you get scammed?


14-06-2005 13:28:39

She initiated a trade after I made my thread, I confirmed, did my half of the deal, and now she has been banned from this site before she could complete the trade. I guess that's only like a half scam on her part, but still it was her responsibility to not get banned, so I got screwed over and now there's nothing I can do. (


14-06-2005 13:38:07

Ya i wish there was some way of contacting her, she did go green for a few people after all this mess....shes never on her aim sn...arghhh, she was my only hope for psps4free too.