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01-06-2005 11:17:16

Wouldn't call it a scam yet, but I made a deal with this person to trade my PVPS4Free for her MacMinis4Free. I went first because she has a TR. I went green a week ago. The only thing i've heard from this person is
[quote6190584517]Every pending trade that I have right now, should see a green by Monday.

thank you![/quote6190584517]

That message was sent Thursday of last week. I haven't heard anything from her since. As far as I can tell, she hasn't even signed up (much less done an offer). The last message I sent hasn't even been read yet. If anyone else has any experience with this trader please comment.



01-06-2005 14:53:37

i think this person is a scammer. i greened for her a week ago too. spoke withe her via AIM(sn j234uaj0gj43) last week and she said she was very busy and would paypal me by monday at latest. its now wednesday and still no paypal or any response from her.

also i had a friend join the forum. and right after he registered for this forum he started recieving IM's from her. she even intiated a trade with him. she told him that she could paypal him as soon as he greened for her, this was on saturday 5/28. obviously shes not that busy if shes setting up trades with other members on the forum. also im wondering why she told him she could paypal him as soon as he greened for her, and i not paypal me.
here's the conversation she had with my friend on aim

j234uaj0gj43 Hello Are you there?
pgriffin713 yes
j234uaj0gj43 can you sign up for my Cameras4free.com for a tech4free ref?
pgriffin713 actually i just got the last tech4free i needed
pgriffin713 how about a paypal trade?
j234uaj0gj43 oh
j234uaj0gj43 how much are you wanting?
pgriffin713 15?
j234uaj0gj43 I can pay max of $14 right now
j234uaj0gj43 would u be interested?
j234uaj0gj43 they have a really easy offer, too
pgriffin713 yes when will you be able to do the paypal?
j234uaj0gj43 it's called Easy Cream
j234uaj0gj43 I can pay you as soon as you go green for me
j234uaj0gj43 ok?
pgriffin713 sounds good pm me your info on fig
j234uaj0gj43 ok
j234uaj0gj43 i'm on my friend's AIM, so give me a sec
j234uaj0gj43 signed off at 124753 PM.

i sent her a pm yesterday, still no response. i tried IMing her but as soon as she recieves my message, she signs off. like i said before, im pretty sure shes a scammer.


01-06-2005 15:55:35

I adjusted their trade record until this dealt with, they have about 10+ trades in the trade module.


01-06-2005 15:57:28

I'm beginning to wonder how this person got a TR of 5 .

Thanks for the info ej20rob.

Also, i'm a moderator at A4F. If you have any more information about this person (email etc), i'd be very interested in seeing if she pulls the same stuff over there.


01-06-2005 17:37:54

I have a pending trade with 123ultimate123, pm'd them to see if they are still around but got no response....

Not sure at all...


02-06-2005 17:33:58

Me too. Greened for her last week. No response to any PMs I have sent.


03-06-2005 16:09:39

Great, my first trade ever and I get scammed. This site should require people to enter their valid CC #'s or something to insure legit traders.


03-06-2005 17:01:56

Definitely a scammer.


03-06-2005 17:05:33

i also greened for her for freeminimacs and havnt heard from her for about a week, stupid person, hate people that do that crap