"wannatrade11" Claiming To Be Me?

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30-05-2005 19:39:55

[quote9653bfa416="ichatter231"]I got an IM from wannatrade11 and he claims to be you. PM me back if this is correct or incorrect.[/quote9653bfa416]

I thought I should put a stop to this right away, I am not sure what is going on here but as ichatter231 says, someone with the aim name 'wannatrade11' is claiming to be me.

[b9653bfa416]MY SN IS NOT wannatrade11 AND I ALWAYS SEND PM'S WHEN I TRADE[/b9653bfa416][/color9653bfa416]

This is just a notice.


31-05-2005 19:41:03

Yea this guy was trying to contact me claiming to be you vector I told him to pm me as you and he backed down.

Wannatrade11 do my offer just for fun
Me do you're a scammer
Wannatrade11 how
Me you're not vector
Wannatrade11 =/
Me http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.