SCAMMER audiologic

Live forum:


29-05-2005 11:47:34

Avoid audiologic I did his offer Monday May 23, He has yet to do mine I pm'em him he has yet to answer or even look at the pm it's still in my outbox.He hasn't made a post since so I guess he hasn't been on the board either.I have gone green also.


29-05-2005 11:54:31

Audio was banned =\


29-05-2005 12:19:25

whats his email address??


29-05-2005 13:01:01

Same thing happened to me, is there any way we can email him or something?


29-05-2005 13:01:54

He's a known scammer.. not much will come of emailing him


09-06-2005 08:26:16

He scammed me too (I informed sweeedfish who promptly banned him!). Just DQ yourself, sign up for the site twice, or do something else to DQ your ref. That's what I did when he scammed me for sonos.