clearestchannel40 is a scammer

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26-05-2005 11:09:23

I paid him to go green for me, but he STILL hasnt signed up for my site, let alone an offer. It has been over 2 weeks now. He doesnt respond to my PM's, and when he does, he never does what he says. His last reponse was several days ago and said he would go green that night. Still hasnt.

He wanted payment first due to his ttrade record. Trade records dont mean crap when people pull this type of shit. Avoid him at all costs. noobs are more reliable!


26-05-2005 11:59:20

He scammed me too I paid him 30$ frist for and he never went green


26-05-2005 12:22:43

umm he cant respond to your pm's cause he is banned and has been bant several times before the final ban


26-05-2005 13:42:48

that sucks


26-05-2005 21:41:39

He's pulling a bunch of crap with me. I paid him $20 on Sunday to complete an offer. Monday came and he told me he got busy on Sunday and would complete an offer for sure on Monday night. Never did. Tuesday came and went without him completing the offer.

Wednesday night he told me he'd do the offer, but never did. Today I got him on AIM and he said he just completed Feel Serenity, the "only" offer he hasn't completed yet (site has a TON of offers). After talking with the owner of the site he signed up on, he informed me that CC didn't even click an offer, much less complete one.

Since then I've tried e-mailing him but haven't gotten a response back. If any of you guys have sent him money within the last 30 days and he hasn't come through with his end of the deal, I STRONGLY suggest you guys file a paypal dispute immediately because there's still a chance you can get your money back. Stick it to this scammer.

EDIT If you need assistance on how to file a paypal dispute send me a pm and I'll send you the info.


30-05-2005 02:49:00

he scammed me also. was doing his ipod.gusto for my freeflatscreens. He never even yellowed. He had told me he would do an instant that day and now over a month later never even yellowed. I got different refs and am getting the TV on friday (WOO) but still, I still have his AIM name and he doesnt respond.

Mods/Admin - any chance the people who greened for him can get +tr for at least doing our half of the deal? Thanks for considering!


31-05-2005 16:07:48

evil I did a PSP.Gusto offer for him in exchange for a referral evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil


01-06-2005 14:11:17

he owes me a flatscreens4free, then again said he would do it on anything4free forums and got banned their.


01-06-2005 14:33:11

yes, unfortunately he got me on two sites before he was banned '(


01-06-2005 14:58:52

[quote305f5884c3="Vector"]yes, unfortunately he got me on two sites before he was banned '([/quote305f5884c3]

same here, vector! that ass.


02-06-2005 08:57:27

yep, got me too. Waiting on him to go green on a mods4free for me. This is why ya shouldnt trade with high TR's because they already have what they want and could give a rats ass for ya.


04-06-2005 08:45:54

He isn't a scammer. I've traded with him many times. He's always done his part!


04-06-2005 11:35:19

yes he is a scammer. He abused his high tr and got me to pay first
for psps4free He never greened and now hes gone....