thehoanster went red on

Live forum:


26-05-2005 10:39:39

Hey man. you went red for creating multiple accounts
Can you get this resolved or refund my 30$


26-05-2005 19:05:56

I just noticed that he read my pm and didnt respond.....

Edit ive filed a complaint with paypal


26-05-2005 21:45:58

thehoanster greened for me on and ive recieved my ipod so he didnt scam me.....he went 1st also.....i wouldnt file a complaint though until youve tried every method possible of contacting him (PM, AIM, MSN messenger, E-mail etc.....if youve tried all of that and still no response then maybe you should nominate him as a bad trader so that people may know to keep away from him.


27-05-2005 10:02:15

he went 1st for me also... but after submitting for approval he went red so I deserve my 30$ back


27-05-2005 10:15:06

I am trying every method possible to get your green back junior6886. If it ultimately turns out that we cant get your green... then I suppose I will have to give you back your money.


27-05-2005 10:52:23

Thanks for the refund. Im truly sorry things worked out the way they did
Can a mod please delete this thread. i dont want anyone to see this and think ill of you.


27-05-2005 11:28:53

well done guys! its good to see an issue resolved for a change!

just edit each of your posts if a mod doesnt delete it.