WARNING artful abortions = attempted scammer, asshole.

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25-05-2005 12:17:37

i went green for him two weeks ago and he blocked my aim.. i signed on another aim and there he was. AVOID THIS ASSHOLE..

he finally went green after i had went with some out of the box tactics.. he's still an asshole and avoid him but he did go green after a month

artful abortions

25-05-2005 16:20:47

um, no? i waited for your green for 2 weeks and it went through during the approval stage. I then did an offer for you which im now waiting to turn green. you then proceeded to IM me using racial slurs. i can't say i'm positive you'll get your green.


25-05-2005 16:26:04

why would he IM you using racial slurs. I got scammed once. Know what I did about it. Got mad at myself for not being smarter. Thats it.