60 Watt Bulb = Possible Scammer?

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25-05-2005 08:57:15

I signed up a few weeks ago, and I got this email from Triplex, proven scammer.

[quote2cd95035fa]Hello. I recently moved and now have all sites available to trade with. I am currently involved in 6 trades, 4 of which have members that have a +8 trading record and two completed ones that haven't yet shown up. I need sonos.gustonewtwork.com or www.cameras4free.com , and would be able to do your site in exchange for you to do mine. Once you go green on here (please try to choose from one of the following offes
ING Direct
AOL Music
) i will green for you.If you can do both, I will not only trade your referral, but pay you 25 dollars for your other referral, as I only need one more on both of them. Let me know if you are interested in doing this, my link is


P.S. When/if you do decide to do it, hit me back with your email addy and offer that you did. Thanks. [/quote2cd95035fa]

Then I got the email yesterday from 60 Watt Bulb. Seems almost like the same guy, cause them messages are similar and mentioned sonos.gusto in each message.

[quote2cd95035fa]Hey, and welcome to the forums. Im looking to start trading the referrals, and as of right now I should be +2, whenever they decide to update the list. I am available to all sites except psps.gustonetwork and sonos.gustonetwork, and am very hopeful in finishing trades fast. I really need freephotoipods.com Once you go green for me, I will do an instant for you, as you had to go first and I feel that it is only fair. Please try to do a video professor offer or consumer reports as they credit the fastest. My link is below, and if you do this please make sure you click it directly, as gratis does not credit if you copy and paste. If you green in the same day, ill pay for the cost of the offer as well as doing you trade. Let me know, my link is



BTW, please let me know which offer you did choose and the email you used. [/quote2cd95035fa]

I checked, he's not in the good traders list...so that was a lie. it just all seems kinda shifty


25-05-2005 09:38:24

Interesting... I suggest a mod compares the IPs.


25-05-2005 10:53:48

Yes, definate scammer. Good find, he's doing the same thing on A4F.