darkancient's imposter

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23-05-2005 16:14:24

Some idiot wasting my time IMed me with the username "re2OOOO"

Gave me a link to darkancient's profile, his AIM SN is "re20000".

Notice the imposter's name has O's (letter O) in it and not 0's (zeros).

I don't mind them trying to scam me, but what I hate more is the fact that they waste my time. From now on, any IMs I get, I will be confirming FIG identities before even talking. Stupid kids!


23-05-2005 16:25:22

I NEVER AIM WITH OUT A PM !!!! NEVER !!!!! NEVER NEVER NEVER ACCEPT A LINK WITH OUT A PM FROM ME OMG I GOT AN IMPOSTER !! i feel so awsome now... D00D (notice the zeros and not O's ) muhahaha , damn that suxs hope no one gets scammed by this person please be carefull - Thanx for the heads up Hunterr83 =)

lifeels cool now with the impersonatorli