Attn Aelya

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23-05-2005 06:39:04

You owe me a pdatech4free green.

This is a PM that you sent me

[quote0bab5d717b]Wow, I thought I completed all my trades friday of last week, but I checked my list and it seems I somehow skipped over you. I'm very sorry, I will sign up under you before the end of the weekend.[/quote0bab5d717b]

The end of the weekend has come and gone and no sign up has happened.


23-05-2005 14:58:53

It has been done.


23-05-2005 15:05:19

Thanks for the response! Hopefully it goes through quickly.


23-05-2005 16:07:21

funny, she sent me the exact same PM when I inquired about the green I'm owed.


24-05-2005 22:09:17

shes owes me a green on mp3
its been 2 weeks, actually a little over that