benbrown2 IMPERSONATOR alert!

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22-05-2005 13:39:36

someone tried to scam me by pretending to be someone else. benbrown2 has a 26+ trade record, so when i looked at his profile, i was like "hmm...sounds like a good guy". the thing is, benbrown2's sn is "hanoialbinoi". this scammer IMed me w/ "hanoiaibinoi". capitalized, they look identical

hanoialbinoi (real)
hanoiaIbinoi (fake)

our convo

hanoiaIbinoi Hello Are you there?
Hollister Rep yes i am
Hollister Rep haha
hanoiaIbinoi lol
hanoiaIbinoi what's up
Hollister Rep hmm i wonder where you're from
hanoiaIbinoi im from fig
hanoiaIbinoi lmao
hanoiaIbinoi you got a lot of these eh
Hollister Rep wait
Hollister Rep you're from fig?
hanoiaIbinoi LOL
hanoiaIbinoi i remember when i listed my aim
hanoiaIbinoi big mistake
Hollister Rep i haven't posted anything
hanoiaIbinoi but hell, you get your trading record up quick
Hollister Rep oh
Hollister Rep whats up
Hollister Rep what referral r u looking for?
hanoiaIbinoi sonos.gusto
hanoiaIbinoi you?
Hollister Rep mp3players4free
hanoiaIbinoi awsome
hanoiaIbinoi i can do that
Hollister Rep awesome
Hollister Rep whats ur account on fig?
hanoiaIbinoi benbrown2
hanoiaIbinoi +26
Hollister Rep k
Hollister Rep i'm gonna check it out
hanoiaIbinoi http//
hanoiaIbinoi i gotta do some yardwork
hanoiaIbinoi once you verify everything, please sign up and do eaither te-lite or easy cream
hanoiaIbinoi and let me know your email
hanoiaIbinoi ttyl
Hollister Rep k
Hollister Rep peace
hanoiaIbinoi /away yardwork

here's his link http//

feel free to notify gusto network about him. i know benbrown2 can verify that this isn't him, nor is that link his


22-05-2005 18:05:50

yeah he just tried to scam me like 5 minutes ago...

thanks though, hollister, i wouldn't have know w/o the post +karma D


22-05-2005 18:43:58

yea, he was just IMing me a couple of minutes ago, thanks for posting this or I never would have known!


23-05-2005 04:11:13

Haha, knew it. What a dork, he tried to scam me, too. I told him to PM me and it never arrived. Got a link to his supposedly profile only to find that the AIM screenames didn't match. Gave me some dumb excuse.


23-05-2005 07:27:38

Haha!! I'm flattered, I must say..... )
So, I've taken my AIM link down; never use it anyways.

To clarify, that scammers screenname is [bc7f40a43a8]NOT[/bc7f40a43a8] my AIM!
If you guys want to trade with me, I just posted a new topic [bc7f40a43a8]today[/bc7f40a43a8][=http//][bc7f40a43a8]today[/bc7f40a43a8].
Contact me through PM's, not AIM.



23-05-2005 16:32:29

this is the SAME! person I reported to Shawn a few weeks ago.....said he would look into it...AlphaGamma


23-05-2005 22:02:32

[quoteb34d4bd7e4="hollisterrep"]benbrown2 has a 26+ trade record, so when i looked at his profile, i was like "hmm...sounds like a good guy". [/quoteb34d4bd7e4]
+karma for nailed it wink