Missty1029: Bad Trader Alert!

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20-05-2005 21:42:09

I recently did a trade with Missty1029 and completed her PSP4Free site. She then in turn was suppose to complete my DS4Free site. She signed up, and said she did the offer, but two weeks later the offer still has not gone through. I've also just received notice that Offer Centric has just shipped her Free PSP. Wrote her three PMs over the past week with no reply.

I would rather she not be a bad trader, but the circumstances does seem that way. Can anyone confirm?


20-05-2005 22:18:34

I was one of the referrals for PSPs4Free, and she was an AWESOME trader.. She kept in close contact with me the entire time (I went first), and she went green for me on freeipods.com (and I was approved without a problem with her ref)

She was honestly one of the best traders I've dealt with on this site.

Maybe shes just caught up in some things (family, life, etc). Ill contact her and link her to this thread..



21-05-2005 13:47:48

Thanks, she kept in close contact the first few days and then slide off. She seemed like a good trader and then all of a sudden just stopped. Let's hope things work out.


21-05-2005 17:58:25

has she read any of the pms? or are they still in the outbox - i had an inability to get to a comp for about a week and a half a week or so ago (again sorry about that people) but you know - she might just be unable to check her pms and such at the moment


23-05-2005 15:56:47

Okay here i am to defend myself.
I did the easy cream ofer on 5/6. And yes it has not gone green yet.
Which sucks because I am a good trader and I am following up for the credit.
It seems like the more offers you do the longer it takes to get credit.

I told you what offer I did and that I was charged by easy cream and everything. I heard that OC sites sometimes have problems I am sure it has happen to others. No need to but me up as a bad trader. Especially since I respond to you.

I just put in a credit submission. I'll send it over to you via the email that I have.


24-05-2005 14:22:46

Yep she sent the email at least. Offer Centric is getting slow now.


04-06-2005 14:51:39

I don't know, after two more weeks and messaging her two days before she still hasn't replied and the offer still hasn't gone through. I'm reluctant to point this out, but Missty1029 might be having an off day.


08-06-2005 12:44:58

Yep, still hasn't replied yet. So I'm going to say that Missty1029 is done and a bad trader.


08-06-2005 13:46:43

[quote4a60e273d2="Acheron"]Yep, still hasn't replied yet. So I'm going to say that Missty1029 is done and a bad trader.[/quote4a60e273d2]
OC are being real dip shits, not giving manual credit (i didnt get any for a site i did) and also removing any good offers.