ATTN: clearestchannel40

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20-05-2005 11:12:02

I thought maybe I would try this way to see what is up with my greens!!!! I have PM'd you to see what is going on with no response. I did your notebook.gusto on Apr. 30 and was green on May 1 so you were suppose to do my Fill My Closet. Still no green on that site. You have said that you did an urban nutrition offer but for some reason haven't got credit. I know the Free Super sites well if you would send them your confirmation email they would probably give you credit in less than 4 days!

Second I paid you upfront for an anygift4free green. I paid you on May 2nd and no green on that site either!! I need to know what is going on. I feel as though I am being SCAMMED!



20-05-2005 12:14:55

I believe they banned him. His AIM is GodIsAEmoBoy


20-05-2005 12:17:03



20-05-2005 13:36:58

send both referral links to me in a PM and they will be done tomorrow


22-05-2005 22:27:55

while you are doing hers, complete (or find someone) my mp3players4free....Ive given you the benefit of the doubt on SEVERAL occasions, and still (after almost 6 weeks) have NO green to show for it.....i dont want to hear any more excuses or comments like "after I send in a support ticket, I'm done caring"

....stop preaching to new users in other threads about honoring their end of the trade and treating their trade like a VOW...the red dot that magically appears next to [bebc9a0414f]only[/bebc9a0414f] your name on my status page is indeed [bebc9a0414f]your[/bebc9a0414f] problem and needs to be resolved in a much more timely fashion. That also means that PMs and IMs sent from me should be answered. Please keep me posted as I know you've gotten a lot of shit from other users here over stupid reasons, and I would rather be a user who can at least talk about you positively.


23-05-2005 13:59:09

I too am in the same boat as you. I paid for a trade and paid upfront due to his trade record. He hasnt signed up for my trade yet, and has been ignoring my PM's. Please complete my offer as per the terms of our agreement. I came through on my end, and I expect you to do the same