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20-05-2005 05:25:09

Bad news everyone. Geej86[=http//]Geej86 did my freeipodshuffle on March 22 and it went green soon after, using the email jbfootballa..... I then did his freepsps.

I sent my freeipodshuffle in for approval on May 4. On May 12th, his Green went Grey!!! I alerted him over PM. After some delayed responses, on Sunday May 15th he wrote "it will get done on tuesday afternoon, i'm sorry for the delay (" On Tuesday evening, I wrote back letting him know he had not made good yet. He has not responded.

In the meanwhile, he has a) read my PM, and b) bragged about the freepsp he got which I helped him with.

I am posting this thread as the mods say to call him out and have him make good to avoid a ban. I will accept $20 paypal in lieu of the green if that is easier for him.

Thank you,



21-05-2005 20:48:27

I got a response today! He says he'll make good tomorrow, Sunday. I'll keep y'all posted.


24-05-2005 17:18:03

GeeJ86 went yellow and green sunday using ccklim@.... I was able to redeem today so hopefully i passed approval. I actually lost hope and got a 4th green on my own right before his went green so wither way, I should get my shuffle soon.

because of the trouble I went through and because this delayed my shipment over 2 weeks, I'm going to ask GeeJ86 to hook me up with a discounted freepsps ref. Hopefully he'll strike a deal.

I'll let you know when it ships.
5/25/2005 112200 AM STV


31-05-2005 09:20:55

Gratis hasn't updated Status from STV but, using the DHL lookup, it shipped on 5/26, 2 day shipping. So because of the weekend and holiday, today, 5/31 is the 2nd day. I should have it today.


31-05-2005 10:01:54

Thanks for keeping us up to date on this issue. Since this topic is no longer needed i shall lock it.