scammer: splattered

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19-05-2005 21:46:06

yea i hate to do this

but i did and PAID for an offer, and he hasn't even done an offer on freedesktoppc.. he said he did petchews, but he could at least follow up and TRY to get credit like i've been doing with popojijo (sp) on phreeipods...

so yea. it's been way freaking long, i've notified him more than once, he hasn't answered my latest PMs. so this is what i've been forced to do.

hopefully we can resolve this.

Tony White

20-05-2005 07:30:13

I'll back you up on splattered. He still owes me one green on DVDs.the4freezone. I did two trades with him. I gave him two greens. He gave me a yellow and a gray. He eventually gave me a green for the gray, but has ignored all of my PMs for the other one. He claims that he was trying to find an offer to do, but never made any progress. Oh well. Just another trader with a good TR who could care less about holding up his end of deals.


20-05-2005 09:20:11

Splattered - taken care of.


20-05-2005 21:12:50

[quote308e89dab7="sweeedfish"]Splattered - taken care of.[/quote308e89dab7]

what does this mean for me??

i needed my green.. -(


22-05-2005 20:56:44

More about him here

sweeedfish, what do you mean take care of? He is not banned, his trade record is positive, he is a Gratis Guru, none of the trades are complete....