attention Admin(issue resolved today)

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18-05-2005 12:56:41

I didnt wanna do this... I REALLY didnt wanna have to post here but you left me no choice. About 1 month ago when i was a new member I posted a thread offering 30$ for psps4free refs. Since you had (of course) a higher TR i had to pay you first. You assured me you wouldnt scam me because you were the owner of the site. Yet almost a month later you are still yellow. IF you stopped ignoring my PM's you would see that I was willing to let the 30$ be a [b1b44c8b22e]donation [/b1b44c8b22e] as long as i got "Donator" and that little green pic on my avatar. Thats all im asking for at this point and you are still ignoring me. You might be the owner of this site why not set a good example for others by compromising with me


18-05-2005 12:58:19



18-05-2005 13:00:39



18-05-2005 13:08:00

3 weeks ago I greened for Admin's Awaiting a green on my Not even a sign up.


18-05-2005 14:51:58

I had to pm him constantly just to get a YELLOW on my psps4free....
looks like we might both get burned.... I dunno what to do... i mean
im not even bothering to ask for a green anymore all i want is the
"donation" and green ipod pic in my avatar box....


18-05-2005 15:40:46

its really irritating, because nothing can come of this. i know he can ban both of us just for pointing out his faults and that would be horrible. but i just want him to tell me what is up and why i have no green.

admin, come on man.


18-05-2005 15:56:27

thats actually why I was a bit hesistant to even post this thread
Im gambling on the fact that because it wont cost him a thing
to just add "donator" and the green ipod to my avatar he will be more than willing to settle


19-05-2005 00:00:20

thats a bit shit....if hes a fair guy (which he seems like he is) then he will honour his trade and if all your looking for is a donator sign then im sure he'll give it to you.......if you dont get the answer you were looking for from him, then post this on another board like off topic or something.


19-05-2005 11:10:12

so far hes ignored my recent pms and even this very thread so i dont know...


19-05-2005 12:18:05

ive been contacted by another member saying admin scammed him...
this guy also would have been willing to settle for a donation recognition in his avatar..... I have learned a life lesson from this experience....


19-05-2005 14:44:31



20-05-2005 04:11:02

It just goes to show you
trading with reputable people is just as risky as trading with newbies....


20-05-2005 12:16:28

Here's my say

When I told clearest I could green on his minimacs I didn't realize I'd already signed up. So I have been trying to find someone to green on it for cash or trade, and I admit I haven't been working very hard on it. I did complete the gourmet coffee offer on psps4free for Junior but they didn't credit me. I did follow up with OC twice regarding credit but didn't hear anything.

In the past couple weeks, I've been dealing with a lot of stuff. I broke up with my girlfriend of several months and it was really painful and ugly. I got a speeding ticket after doing this. I've had a lot of unexpected expenses lately and so has my family, and I'm trying to save for college. A close friend of mine just lost her friend in a firey car crash. Add to this that I graduate in a week and you see why I've let trades on here suffer. I apologize for this. Please give me a few more days to get through all of my finals and projects and I will take care of this stuff.


20-05-2005 17:49:33

sorry to hear about your troubles. If you had let us know about them beforehand this thread might not have been neccessary....
Anyways My offer for you to consider my payment as a donation and give me the greenipod pic and write donator on my avatar still stands.... or you could green on my choice is yours...


20-05-2005 18:04:19

I intend to complete psps4free, so I will go green on that.

edit ok, vid. prof. online done...


21-05-2005 04:59:12

thanks a bunch D


23-05-2005 16:59:29

Admin you went green today!!!!!!!!!
thanks a bunch )