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17-05-2005 23:10:42

Well he randomly IMed me on AIM

isionseeker86 hey
Joey hi
visionseeker86 i need pctech and cameras4free
Joey i can do cameras4free
visionseeker86 can i pay you after they go green?
visionseeker86 or it
Joey whats ur name on fig
visionseeker86 ive got 7/7 karma on quicktrade
visionseeker86 ive never done any fig trading
Joey karma dont mean shit
visionseeker86 not karma
visionseeker86 i mean trading record on
Joey well i only trade with those on fig
Joey so if you wanted to you'd have to pay me first
visionseeker86 what if i give you $10 ?
visionseeker86 then 10 after
Joey nope
Joey im a +4 trader on there u would techniqually be a +0
visionseeker86 thats all i have right now
Joey then guess we can't trade
Joey until you got money
Joey or until you find someone who will agree to those terms, sorry man
visionseeker86 webcert account?
Joey i dont want to be scammed -P
Joey nope
visionseeker86 ahh i just wish you knew you could trust me
visionseeker86 youd have more business if you have some faith
Joey me too
Joey id get scammed more also
Joey i get plenty of business now
visionseeker86 not by me
Joey i dont know that
visionseeker86 especially if i were to give you $10 first
visionseeker86 cuz im taking faith in you
Joey ppl give me all $20 up front
Joey im +4 u should have faith
visionseeker86 i dont have all the money yet
visionseeker86 if i did i would im broke right now and need one last green
Joey well get the money
Joey then come back
visionseeker86 maybe i can send some on my credit card
visionseeker86 whats your paypal
Joey just paypal it dude
visionseeker86 i know
Joey when u get the money im me again
visionseeker86 i can send credit card money through paypal
Joey i dont want you to
Joey so just get it in ur paypal balance, if not you can find someone besides me
visionseeker86 how about i give you $30 afterwards
Joey or $20 first
visionseeker86 need any trades?
Joey no
Joey why are you so hell bent on me
visionseeker86 cuz im getting desperate for people to do an offer
visionseeker86 i need one more
visionseeker86 and i cant find it
Joey join fig
Joey do offers
Joey get a higher tr
visionseeker86 im on there i just dont have trading experience
visionseeker86 cuz i trade via quicktrade
Joey post ur shit in trade thread
Joey but i g2g cya

So I blocked him, then he decided to IM me once more on another name

PCMsurf POSITIVE Great trader, great guy, I went green first, and right away he went green for me, would recomend [ by Imbroke333 ]
POSITIVE Great trader, very trustworthy! Went green in only 1 day! AAA+++ [ by xfan1013 ]
POSITIVE Awesome trader! Great communication and went green fast! A+++++ [ by cgelbard ]
POSITIVE Received a green light in 2 days... awesome trader. Was willing to wait 2 days for me to work out if i signed up for an offer or not because i got confused w/ a large load at the time. provided screenshot. thanks! [ by ajacy ]
POSITIVE Went green immediately! Awesome trader! [ by ericdkauff ]
Joey ...
PCMsurf im a good trader
Joey ok
Joey got a fig name
PCMsurf no
Joey then no thanks
Joey damn now go away

I'm not saying he's a scammer for sure, but damn he was annoying. He seemed so desperate and never gave up just like a scammer.


17-05-2005 23:22:39

this guy maybe ?



18-05-2005 15:29:38

Probably...he said he doesn't use fig heh