Retroactive122 at it again via AIM

Live forum:


17-05-2005 18:31:22

Retroactive122 hey, can you do ds4free? If so wanna trade? Or i can pay you
PS2xFoladar if I wanted to do it, I would post, not just do it for random spam, sorry
Retroactive122 ...
PS2xFoladar Did I ask for you to IM me? no, if I want to do ds4free, I would post .. I don't need mindless people messaging me with their crap
Retroactive122 you dont have to complete the site, just an offer in which case i would complete an offer on your site also...we both profit
PS2xFoladar Yeah, the same as the last 15 people, I don't care. I don't complete offers for people who mindlessly IM me.
Retroactive122 haha, im deleting your harddrive now, thats what you get for being rude to me
PS2xFoladar right
Retroactive122 might as well throw some viruses on to


17-05-2005 19:11:59

omg, what an ass, did you see the posts reguarding him before or after talking to him?