Retroactive122 isn't me

Live forum:


15-05-2005 15:51:46

I've gotten PMs from a few people recently saying that someone with the screen name Retroactive122 tried to trade with them. He has been giving out my profile link as his own. So if you get a IM from this guy, don't trade with him!


15-05-2005 19:39:53

I was the one who got the AIM message from RetroActive122...stay away from this SN.


17-05-2005 18:32:17

He's trying to AIM a few guys.
Just threatened me with viruses.


17-05-2005 19:14:00

lol threatening with viruses means he knows nothing at all about computers.


17-05-2005 19:14:34

Folader, take your referral links out of your sig.


17-05-2005 23:19:26

Fixed his sig. Don't put your ref link in there again, Foladar.