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15-05-2005 15:44:23

This person sends the same message out to people on all boards, confirmed scammer, watch out

Hello. I recently moved and now have all sites available to trade with. I am currently involved in 6 trades, 4 of which have members that have a +8 trading record and two completed ones that haven't yet shown up. I need or, and would be able to do your site in exchange for you to do mine. Once you go green on here (please try to choose from one of the following offers on sonos
AOL Music
Easy Cream

Or one of the following on freephotos
Appera Teeth Whitening
Consumer Info
Video Professor
Trimlife Trio
) i will green for you.If you can do both, I will not only trade your referral, but pay you 25 dollars for your other referral, as I only need one more on both of them. Let me know if you are interested in doing this, my link is




P.S. When/if you do decide to do it, hit me back with your email addy and offer that you did. Thanks.


15-05-2005 15:45:31

after I messaged him/her back, they wrote me this

From alpha gamma
To JerseyEd25
Posted Sun May 15, 2005 244 pm
Subject Re trade? Quote message
OK. And ill just re-register. You reporting me affects me how? That's right, it doesn't.


15-05-2005 15:49:48

It probably will for GustoNetwork.. Contact Shawn here on the board about getting that guy put on hold.

Good luck.


15-05-2005 15:54:10

ok, will do...thanks


15-05-2005 15:57:54

dude I would edit the referral number to #### or somethin so newbs dont click em


15-05-2005 16:00:03

it's under scammers.....they won't


15-05-2005 16:27:09

well you should still mask them over

alpha gamma

15-05-2005 17:01:52

Im sorry that sending out a message, of which i originally wrote, is of offense to everyone...i see how by no intention, nor do you have relevant proof, that i am indeed the same person, and would like you to suck my dick.


15-05-2005 17:03:24

don't get mad kid...your gusto account will probably get put on hold too. Need me to get the same PM you send a friend on a4f? "Threesome"


15-05-2005 17:12:46

He's bannnnnneeddd... he was tripleplex as well


16-05-2005 11:15:33

he scammed me over on a4f