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13-05-2005 17:51:30

Has anybody else had any problems with TrueIndeed?
I greened for TrueIndeed almost 4 weeks ago, sent him a pm over a week ago, the thing is still in my outbox. His ignores all AIM messages. (I had to hound the heck out of him just to get to go yellow, which he eventually did. He kept saying he was on his handheld and he couldn't do an offer till he was home. he did that for 3 days) Still no green, and still no response to AIMs or PMs.
I haven't seen him posting here in a while, but I wouldn't trust him again. I suspect he just bailed when he got what he needed, and has no intentions of following up on his half of any deals after he got the greens he needed.
I feel so used, so dirty.... violated, I am going to take a shower, or at least use some Purell.