SCAMMER: oh5srt4

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13-05-2005 16:11:31

I finished his site, macminis4free and he has not signed up for my phreeipods. He has not been on this forum in over a week. And he has not contacted me at all.

Is there any way to get my green back from macminis4free? If I don't intend on finishing the site, can I sign up twice for macminis4free without compromising my other OC sites?


13-05-2005 16:25:36

way too many problems with oh5, he is active on the A4F boards and doesnt respond to anything I say about this, so many people have had problems with this.

Concerning your macminis4free ref, you cant get your green back and cant sign up for macminis4free again =\


14-05-2005 12:31:21

He said he was going to do my phreeipods and pay me $25 for doing his m3players4free. He hasn't responded to any PMs in weeks.


14-05-2005 13:42:48

that sucks! so much for trade record. they get their high TR, gain everyone's trust, and once they're done with their site, they suddenly disappear.


14-05-2005 18:49:45

Same here. I did blockbuster offer on psps4free for him for $30 and went green on 4/14. It's been a month now no payment (