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12-05-2005 15:37:54

Someone is trying to impersonating me....I got a PM today about a few trades. I havent done trades for almost 2 weeks now since I finished the sites I had my eyes on. This guy PM me so he was SMART!! Thanks bigchan2k

From our conversation on AIM, I'll be doing your FreePSPs in exchange for you doing my MP3Players4Free.
Please send me your referral link.[/quotee5583abff7]

Hmm, thats weird. I spoke to someone on AIM this morning regarding a trade. His screen name was "jhennson". He said his name on FreeIpodGuide was "jhennson". He seemed somewhat reluctant when I asked for him to send me a PM, so I sent one just to verify everything. Someone may be impersonating you on AIM to try to scam some people.[/quotee5583abff7]

I dont do trades over AIM without asking you through PM first and I dont post my SN here!! Just a heads up people....I never knew someone would try to be me so be careful. and remember always ask that they PM you


12-05-2005 15:56:29

I think you should POST your AIM


12-05-2005 22:09:29

jhennson, when I saw one of your messages here and saw that you already had FreePSPs done, I knew something was up.

The impersonator was asking me to do FreePSPs for him.


13-05-2005 02:40:15

thats good that you knew wassup bigchan2k....hopefully no one else gets his messages and hopefully he/she doesnt use my name anymore....


13-05-2005 04:39:40

[quote0c7472baa0="cartrenroy"]I think you should POST your AIM[/quote0c7472baa0]

I think you should complete your offer and go green for me.


13-05-2005 18:08:42

i guess the guy was back at work...he is so stupid but he is too cool for school!!