Do not trade with: easportsea or alexvega!!

Live forum:


12-05-2005 08:08:12

Despite their high trade records, forum members easportsea and alexvega have proven to me that they can't complete their end of a bargain.

I greened for easportsea on March 13. Here's his post[=http//]Here's his post on April 04 celebrating the arrival of his new TV that I helped him get. I've been waiting exactly TWO MONTHS for a simple green from him and gotten nothing. I think I've been patient enough. I've sent him several polite PMs which he just ignores.

alexvega I greened for only one MONTH ago, so I apologize that my patience is getting a little shorter, but damnit how long should I have to wait? Again, I've sent several polite PMs and have been very patient.

All I want from these two are what we agreed upon my greens - they've gotten theirs. If they decide to come through and give me what they owe me, I'll ask that this post be deleted.

Until then I'm telling everyone to avoid these two traders, because they can't handle a simple green for green trade. I also want to ask that their TR temporarily be put to NEGATIVE until they resolve this issue, so everyone knows they can't be trusted.


12-05-2005 11:38:02

A month is ridiculous - you're in the right. I think that if an offer doesn't go green within the two week alloted period, allow two to three more days to resolve it by contacting the company and then that should be it. It's time to do another offer.