catenroy scammer not catRenroy

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09-05-2005 18:10:38

cartenroy Hello Are you there?
leeh3023 hey
cartenroy its cartenroy from fig
cartenroy +22 trader
cartenroy want to trade refs?
leeh3023 trade for?
cartenroy notebooks4free
cartenroy ill do your site, and pay you ten dollars for the offer
leeh3023 which site?
cartenroy notebooks4free
cartenroy i need that site
leeh3023 which of my sites?
cartenroy what do you need
cartenroy i can do all except freeipods
leeh3023 ok
leeh3023 whats ur link
cartenroy let me get it
leeh3023 urs
cartenroy what site am i doing for you
leeh3023 ill do urs for free
cartenroy why?
leeh3023 n then ill do it up ur arse
leeh3023 haha
leeh3023 peace scammer


09-05-2005 18:31:22

You limightli want to edit his ref link out. Just a tip.


09-05-2005 20:31:45

thanks for the heads up.


10-05-2005 12:23:56