STAVROS = Last chance

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06-05-2005 11:22:48


Since you have not responded to my PM's in over 24 days but yet still post in this forum, here is the deal.

I went green for you on freeipodshuffle. You gave me a bad green on freedesktop. You said we would work it out. You never did. My offer is for you to PayPal me $15. That is a steal for a freeipodshuffle green. You know I gave you the green, u know your bad account went grey, so please resolve this once and for all.

I gave you a freeipod and a freeipodshuffle. i only got 1 freedesktop in return. I think $15 is a very fair resolution, but, you haven't even made an effort to respond after numerous attempts on my part.

thank you.


06-05-2005 12:06:52

Thats more than fair.