Someone imporsonating oh5srt4

Live forum:


04-05-2005 17:05:36

If anyone messages you on aim on oh4srt4, DO NOT ACCEPT THIS. He scammed me and made me waste my only blockbuster chance I have, but it's ok as I have made money. I dont think this is the real oh5, and i was relatively new when I first did a trade with oh4, but I guess we learn from everything ).


04-05-2005 17:37:21

never do a trade over AIM unless he can PM you his info


05-05-2005 14:26:52

guess what oh5 and oh4 are friends oh5 told me so when oh4 scammed me as gixxermike and I thought they were the same person I accused him and he said that it wasnt him that they were just friends