plan on paying me???

Live forum:


01-05-2005 01:10:49

You're signing on and posting, but yet ignoring my pm's for the past week...I've been green for your freephotoipods for awhile and you owe me an amazon gift certificate....I didn't want to post here and call you out...but you made me do it...

Give me what's owed to me...or I WILL have your account be put on hold...


01-05-2005 16:10:12

if u put his account on hold, so is ur account and everything else you signed up under GRATIS....hopefully you get this straightened with him...good luck


01-05-2005 18:45:07

to be honest...i wouldn't care once I get my ipod which should STV next week...

There are other ways to get people's accounts put on hold anyway....


08-05-2005 17:52:03

i haven't heard from this guy..stupid asshole....what are my options now??


15-05-2005 21:11:13

can the mods please step in or something?? He's still coming to the forum and ignoring my pm's....according to him he "sent" the GC already....well there's nothing in my email and never was and he has provided no proof....this guy owes me $25.....i will get his account put on hold if he doesn't pay me...


15-05-2005 21:18:36

Sent him a pm, adjusted his trade rating, will go from there


15-05-2005 21:20:11

He may have actually sent it, email webcertificate support to find out. One time someone sent me a webcert and I didn't get it until I emailed webcert support.


15-05-2005 21:20:47

Well he should at least be communicating what is going on.


15-05-2005 21:28:08

naa it was an amazon GC actually...not a webcert thanks btw sweeedfish for your help...


18-05-2005 21:07:39

GreenHat06 is a SCAMMER...
he hasn't replied to my msgs and i greened him for freephotoipods and he didn't green me for anything


18-05-2005 21:55:04

I too am waiting a long time for greenhat's green, he said he's done it but it hasn't been credited yet.


19-05-2005 07:25:56

well guess who's account is about to get dq'ed then....