Private messages, spam.

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29-04-2005 19:22:51

I have been getting alot of spam from other members, is there anything you can do to reduce this?


29-04-2005 21:03:51

what do you consider spam? Since this site is trade centered, think of the offers as relative. Try posting sites that you have done in your signature and you should get less pm's for sites you've already done.


30-04-2005 01:55:47

I dont post in the trade center, why are people sendinig me private messages


30-04-2005 02:02:11

Thats a valid complaint. Are the person(s) posting referral links in hope you'll sign up? Seems like some people are trying ot bend the rules and spam their referral links to random people rather then do it out on the public forum.



30-04-2005 03:06:42

Thats not whats happening Im sure. People see new users, or users with 0 TR, and they hope that they have a lot of sites available for trade, so they send them a PM. Big deal, if you don't like the PM it takes 3 seconds to delete.