TheySayJump impersonator

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27-04-2005 12:47:02

[quote28409f0364]xtheysaysjumpx alright
xtheysaysjumpx did you want to sign up?
xtheysaysjumpx then complete an offer when you get it?
LEFT0VER CR4CK sure ill sign up under
xtheysaysjumpx ok
xtheysaysjumpx let me get it one sec
xtheysaysjumpx http//
LEFT0VER CR4CK alright
LEFT0VER CR4CK whats your SN on FIG
xtheysaysjumpx theysayjump
LEFT0VER CR4CK nice try scammer
LEFT0VER CR4CK its xtheysayjumpx
LEFT0VER CR4CK not theysaysjump
LEFT0VER CR4CK leave me alone plz
xtheysaysjumpx no
xtheysaysjumpx i had to cahnge the name
xtheysaysjumpx because of the scammer[/quote28409f0364]

If thats true, then I apologize, but this person said he was getting a DNS Error and that he had to change his name because of scammers.


27-04-2005 12:48:13

I am reporting his link to Gratis.


27-04-2005 13:01:08

Go for it. I didn't get his link, but he's been trying to scam me too.


27-04-2005 13:09:51

haha he got punked


27-04-2005 13:10:49

Reported. Lets hope they ban this guy. )


27-04-2005 18:51:01

More from our scammer.

[quote5aad8444b3](214155) xtheysaysjumpx i just want to let you know that you are so full of shit
(214204) xtheysaysjumpx you can't report a link to gratis you dumb fucking ass
(214214) xtheysaysjumpx nice try trying to bluff you fucking tard
(214223) LEFT0VER CR4CK dude youre still a scammer
(214231) xtheysaysjumpx lmao
(214231) xtheysaysjumpx no shit
(214244) xtheysaysjumpx and you know what?
(214252) xtheysaysjumpx you're a noob
(214253) xtheysaysjumpx sooo
(214255) xtheysaysjumpx don't block me
(214256) xtheysaysjumpx but
(214301) xtheysaysjumpx since you havn't started trading yet
(214306) xtheysaysjumpx its so much easier to do it like this..
(214313) LEFT0VER CR4CK what scamming?
(214314) LEFT0VER CR4CK lol
(214316) xtheysaysjumpx yes
(214326) xtheysaysjumpx i honestly wouldn't get involved in trading
(214326) LEFT0VER CR4CK im done with freeipods now, through legit trades with people
(214330) LEFT0VER CR4CK its pays to be patient man
(214332) xtheysaysjumpx but paying for refs is not bad
(214337) xtheysaysjumpx lol
(214340) xtheysaysjumpx yep
(214346) xtheysaysjumpx scamming has not paid off for me...
(214352) xtheysaysjumpx just completed desktoppcs in two days
(214355) LEFT0VER CR4CK lmao
(214356) xtheysaysjumpx freedigitalcameras in three day
(214400) xtheysaysjumpx flatscreens in one day
(214403) xtheysaysjumpx psps in one
(214408) xtheysaysjumpx yea dude, it doesn't work..
(214411) LEFT0VER CR4CK heh
(214419) LEFT0VER CR4CK well, offercentric will ban you, i dunno about Gratis
(214430) xtheysaysjumpx dont' waste your time
(214437) xtheysaysjumpx and offercentric you can get taken off
(214442) xtheysaysjumpx gratis won't do shit
(214453) xtheysaysjumpx i just wanted to message you to let you know that it was a nice bluff
(214459) xtheysaysjumpx there is no way to contact them
(214510) LEFT0VER CR4CK well, have fun scammin -\
(214517) xtheysaysjumpx hehe
(214525) xtheysaysjumpx peace[/quote5aad8444b3]

Sure, you could get offers quickly from scamming, but does it pay off? Nope.. Graits should do more about scammers.. OC does.


27-04-2005 18:54:06

xtheysaysjumpx hey
me hey
xtheysaysjumpx its theysayjump from fig
xtheysaysjumpx +13 trader
xtheysaysjumpx im paying 50 dollars for my last freedesktoppc ref
xtheysaysjumpx or trading referrals
xtheysaysjumpx you intersted?
me sure
xtheysaysjumpx alright
xtheysaysjumpx if you can do an instant offer
xtheysaysjumpx ill pay you 55
xtheysaysjumpx let me get you my link
xtheysaysjumpx http//
me 55? wow
xtheysaysjumpx yea
xtheysaysjumpx my last ref
me here let me give you my paypal address
xtheysaysjumpx and no one can do it
me its
me peace

aim replaced with me for privacy.


27-04-2005 19:02:28

+ Karma


27-04-2005 20:47:10

lol what a twat! i hope this guy stops his scamming.....especially in my name. i dont talk to anyone on AIM without PM'ing them 1st. so if you dont get a PM from me (theysayjump, not xtheysayjumpx or xtheysaysjumpx) then its not me your talking to or dealing with. this was brought to my attention yesterday and the person who thought it was me had removed/edited their posts about me after realising their mistake...which is what it was.

thanks for letting me know microchris that he's still up to tricks.

im talking to him on AIM now.



27-04-2005 21:20:44

heres the convo i just had with my impersonator

xtheysayjumpx hey, any chance you could stop trying to scam people in my name?
xtheysaysjumpx why
xtheysaysjumpx its working great
xtheysayjumpx yeah, what you got?
xtheysaysjumpx what you mean
xtheysayjumpx well if its working great, what have you got out of it?
xtheysaysjumpx two sites done
xtheysayjumpx prove it
xtheysaysjumpx how
xtheysayjumpx screenshot?
xtheysaysjumpx umm no
xtheysaysjumpx im not a dumbass
xtheysayjumpx ?
xtheysaysjumpx you know what i mean
xtheysaysjumpx anyway, im done with your name
xtheysaysjumpx you getting a lot of pm's from people?
xtheysayjumpx 1
xtheysaysjumpx hettencat?
xtheysayjumpx i dont think people are as stupid as you think
xtheysayjumpx yeah....i think you really pissed him off
xtheysayjumpx so why me? i feel special
xtheysaysjumpx lol
xtheysaysjumpx that kid was fucking annoying
xtheysaysjumpx i know you probalby don't believe me, but i am sorry for what he caused you
xtheysaysjumpx he posted everywhere!
xtheysayjumpx what kid?
xtheysaysjumpx hettencat
xtheysayjumpx but you scammed him in my name...i would be pissed too.....i meant why did you choose to scam in my name?
xtheysaysjumpx o
xtheysaysjumpx no real reason
xtheysaysjumpx i just happend to see it
xtheysaysjumpx and thought it would be good
xtheysaysjumpx nothing against you at all
xtheysayjumpx why not someone with a higher trade record?
xtheysaysjumpx well
xtheysaysjumpx like who
xtheysaysjumpx why would i do that
xtheysayjumpx i only have +13
xtheysaysjumpx that's plenty
xtheysaysjumpx most people who are +13, want pm confirmation
xtheysayjumpx well i think everyone should........dont you feel like a dick for scamming people?
xtheysaysjumpx not when you've been scammed
xtheysayjumpx eye for an eye and a tooth for tooth?
xtheysaysjumpx exactly
xtheysaysjumpx i got fucked 6 times
xtheysaysjumpx both from reputable traders
xtheysayjumpx you realise if everyone believed that phrase then the whole world would be blind? ive been scammed 3 times and i dont scam people
xtheysaysjumpx yup
xtheysaysjumpx i lost a lot of money on thsoe two
xtheysaysjumpx it was a 14 day offer
xtheysaysjumpx the kid made me stay on
xtheysaysjumpx since he knew it so well
xtheysaysjumpx and i got charged 79.95
xtheysayjumpx is that still any reaosn to scam others....especially others who didnt scam you?
xtheysaysjumpx and he got a green
xtheysaysjumpx and i got a 85 dollar fee
xtheysaysjumpx and jack shit
xtheysaysjumpx that was just one
xtheysayjumpx does it make you feel better....scamming i mean
xtheysaysjumpx you sound like a pyschiatrist
xtheysaysjumpx if i spelled that right
xtheysaysjumpx i don't think i did though
xtheysayjumpx yeah you did, and yeah i do.....i feel sorry for you, not for the people you scammed...the people you scammed will probably act rationally and forget about it and get trades the proper way......unfortunately you dont seem to have much of a concious
xtheysaysjumpx i used to
xtheysayjumpx whered it go?
xtheysaysjumpx its lingering
xtheysayjumpx so what....being scammed made you lose any kind of respect for other people....since its online, you dont know them, dont know their situations why should you care?
xtheysaysjumpx exactly
xtheysaysjumpx you know, if i was a real asshole, and had no morals, i would have just cussed you out like some scammers, and blocked you
xtheysaysjumpx and continued to scam on your name
xtheysayjumpx well who is to say you wont continue to scam in my name. you know how it feels to be scammed so why would you want other people to feel like that also?
xtheysaysjumpx i don't have an answer for everything
xtheysayjumpx i dont expect you to...just asking if you think its okay to take your revenge out on other "innocent"people who had nothing to do with you being scammed?
xtheysaysjumpx no, i don't feel its fair
xtheysaysjumpx and let me guess your question-"then why would you do it"
xtheysayjumpx bingo
xtheysaysjumpx because no one is perfect, and we all make mistakes. whether we intentionally do it or inadvertantly do it
xtheysaysjumpx or intentionally do it
xtheysayjumpx lol...its a mistake to purposely scam people?
xtheysaysjumpx lets think about what we're talking about
xtheysaysjumpx offers
xtheysaysjumpx referrals
xtheysaysjumpx not money
xtheysaysjumpx or goods
xtheysaysjumpx i do realize some offers cost money
xtheysayjumpx well it costs money for most of the offers doesnt it?
xtheysaysjumpx 6 dollars?
xtheysayjumpx some of them can be as much as $40
xtheysaysjumpx you see
xtheysaysjumpx i don't have poeple do expensive stuff
xtheysaysjumpx i push efax
xtheysayjumpx they add up and then that means that person can no longer sign up for that site and use it a trade
xtheysaysjumpx alright
xtheysaysjumpx im going to go
xtheysayjumpx oh so your trying to help them help you...i see.....well your not really a dick after all
xtheysayjumpx ok, well its been fun talking to you
xtheysaysjumpx i wouldn't say im not a dick
xtheysaysjumpx but i try to be a pecker
xtheysayjumpx i was being sarcastic
xtheysaysjumpx hey, if you want to have a theraputic session again, ill be on tomorrow
xtheysaysjumpx ill go on here for you to talk to me
xtheysayjumpx cool, what time?
xtheysaysjumpx meh
xtheysaysjumpx 10ish?
xtheysaysjumpx est
xtheysaysjumpx but im heading off to bed
xtheysayjumpx ill be at work, 1130?
xtheysaysjumpx later
xtheysaysjumpx yea
xtheysaysjumpx i should be on then
xtheysaysjumpx see you
xtheysayjumpx yeah
xtheysaysjumpx signed off at 121043 AM.

maybe ill get to talk to him tomorrow. im not pissed off at him since i know that most people will see through his lies. i do feel bad for the people he scammed though....all i can really do is bump your karma...or we can REALLY trade D


28-04-2005 00:21:12

[quote5cc28af7e6="theysayjump"]thanks for letting me know microchris that he's still up to tricks.[/quote5cc28af7e6]

No problem man.. I hope this guy stops soon.. Not fair to you or anyone else.. AND i almost fell for him.. Oh well, I now to ask people to PM me before..

Good luck!


28-04-2005 08:43:54

I got scammed by him/her

contacted me via AIM,
link on screen is http//
but the REAL url IS http//

SHOWN WHEN YOU CLICK or copy paste it.

He/she owes me!!!
Can someone get his gratis accounts put on hold???
I am out some money, since I was scammed.

xtheysaysjumpx (12451 PM) hey
VuongPham511 (13614 PM) yes
xtheysaysjumpx (13624 PM) its theysayjump from fig
VuongPham511 (13633 PM) ??
xtheysaysjumpx (13634 PM) +13 trader that is looking for referrals or paying 50 dollars for his last one
xtheysaysjumpx (13637 PM) are you interested?
VuongPham511 (13643 PM) what offer
xtheysaysjumpx (13654 PM) freedesktoppc
VuongPham511 (13702 PM) i can do that
xtheysaysjumpx (13708 PM) sweet
xtheysaysjumpx (13709 PM) what do you need?
xtheysaysjumpx (13712 PM) or do you want the money?
VuongPham511 (13719 PM) i will do it for less if you can do an offer for me
xtheysaysjumpx (13737 PM) ok
xtheysaysjumpx (13739 PM) will do
xtheysaysjumpx (13742 PM) what site do you need
VuongPham511 (13823 PM) which can you do?
VuongPham511 (13833 PM) photo ipods? flat screens?
xtheysaysjumpx (13912 PM) i can do flatscreens
xtheysaysjumpx (13918 PM) if you can do an instant for me, im able to do one for you
VuongPham511 (14024 PM) you can't do photo ipods?
xtheysaysjumpx (14037 PM) i can
xtheysaysjumpx (14041 PM) i'd rather do flatscreens
VuongPham511 (14129 PM) ok 40 bux and one instant offer for you and I will do one instant offer for you -- your last -- sounds fair?
xtheysaysjumpx (14143 PM) yea
xtheysaysjumpx (14146 PM) that sounds fine
VuongPham511 (14206 PM)
xtheysaysjumpx (14206 PM) http//
xtheysaysjumpx (14212 PM) what's your link?
VuongPham511 (14224 PM) pay pal
xtheysaysjumpx (14231 PM) ok
xtheysaysjumpx (14234 PM) lemme know when you're done
xtheysaysjumpx (14530 PM) what offer are you doing
VuongPham511 (14541 PM) looking
VuongPham511 (14559 PM) are you sure you can't do phoot ipod fo r me
VuongPham511 (14612 PM) i need 5 more.. flat screens I need 7 more
xtheysaysjumpx (14615 PM) yea
xtheysaysjumpx (14619 PM) ill do photo
VuongPham511 (14637 PM) http//
VuongPham511 (15026 PM) still thre
xtheysaysjumpx (15031 PM) yea
xtheysaysjumpx (15121 PM) did you sign up?
xtheysaysjumpx (15127 PM) i don't see you on my status page
VuongPham511 (15216 PM) itnerpupted phone call
xtheysaysjumpx (15222 PM) ok
VuongPham511 (15256 PM) k , check now
xtheysaysjumpx (15316 PM) not yet
VuongPham511 (15431 PM) did you do the pay pal?
xtheysaysjumpx (15446 PM) i will paypal immediately after the green
xtheysaysjumpx (15504 PM) i still don't see you on my status page
VuongPham511 (15506 PM) did you sign up for photo
VuongPham511 (15704 PM) please send 1/2 of the pay pal now
xtheysaysjumpx (15708 PM) no
xtheysaysjumpx (15710 PM) im +13
xtheysaysjumpx (15714 PM) not until you sign up
xtheysaysjumpx (15717 PM) and complete the offer
VuongPham511 (15721 PM) i already did
xtheysaysjumpx (15722 PM) i can't get my money back if you scam me
xtheysaysjumpx (15752 PM) i def. don't see you
xtheysaysjumpx (15805 PM) yea dude
xtheysaysjumpx (15810 PM) did you click the link directly?
VuongPham511 (15815 PM) yes,
VuongPham511 (15826 PM) i am looking for the verification email from gratis
xtheysaysjumpx (15832 PM) ok
xtheysaysjumpx (15839 PM) i can take a screenshot if you don't believe me
VuongPham511 (20022 PM) chk again
VuongPham511 (20036 PM) u want me to cal u?
xtheysaysjumpx (20050 PM) why would i?
VuongPham511 (20103 PM) dude. i signed up
xtheysaysjumpx (20113 PM) let me open it in I.E.
xtheysaysjumpx (20159 PM) yea dude
VuongPham511 (20159 PM) http// this isn't wokring
xtheysaysjumpx (20207 PM) its not?
xtheysaysjumpx (20229 PM) did you click it? dont' copy and paste it, they've had a tendency to not work if you do that
VuongPham511 (20234 PM) right click it and copy it to url
VuongPham511 (20237 PM) i did CLICK IT
xtheysaysjumpx (20238 PM) you can't copy and paste a hyerlink url, you have to click it
xtheysaysjumpx (20241 PM) yea
xtheysaysjumpx (20243 PM) hmmm
xtheysaysjumpx (20248 PM) did you get a confirmation email?
xtheysaysjumpx (20302 PM) no
xtheysaysjumpx (20304 PM) don't right lcick it
xtheysaysjumpx (20307 PM) left click it
VuongPham511 (20421 PM) yes
VuongPham511 (20426 PM) i got the email
VuongPham511 (20431 PM) from gratis
xtheysaysjumpx (20444 PM) but you right clicked the link and pasted it?
xtheysaysjumpx (20447 PM) you didn't left click it?
VuongPham511 (20512 PM) is your ref # 14108746 or 14108745
xtheysaysjumpx (20518 PM) 45
xtheysaysjumpx (20528 PM) its a habit to change the last number when i spam
VuongPham511 (20538 PM) read your im history
xtheysaysjumpx (20548 PM) i know
xtheysaysjumpx (20550 PM) i put 46
xtheysaysjumpx (20557 PM) that's why i said click it directly
VuongPham511 (20607 PM) ok since the link showd 45
VuongPham511 (20615 PM) i signedup
VuongPham511 (20617 PM) look
VuongPham511 (20621 PM) for status change
xtheysaysjumpx (20625 PM) ok
xtheysaysjumpx (20632 PM) we should be good
xtheysaysjumpx (20638 PM) gratis has bene tkaing awhile for it to show up
xtheysaysjumpx (20646 PM) some kids just appeared from 20 min. ago
xtheysaysjumpx (20657 PM) he did that appera offer and got credit withing ten minutes
VuongPham511 (20802 PM) what offer do you suggest
xtheysaysjumpx (20814 PM) so far appera has been really good
VuongPham511 (20843 PM) cost?
xtheysaysjumpx (20849 PM) 6.95
xtheysaysjumpx (20852 PM) i think
VuongPham511 (20914 PM) did you see my name?
VuongPham511 (20919 PM)
VuongPham511 (20923 PM) on your status page?

xtheysaysjumpx (20924 PM) OOOOO
xtheysaysjumpx (20927 PM) THAT'S YOUR NAME!
xtheysaysjumpx (20935 PM) i've been seeing that all along!!!
xtheysaysjumpx (20938 PM) LOL!
VuongPham511 (20940 PM) have you siged up for my photo ipod?
xtheysaysjumpx (21002 PM) yes, i will sign up as soon as you green and do an instnat
xtheysaysjumpx (21009 PM) just incase you decide to back out, so i don't lose this site
VuongPham511 (21018 PM) dude, that's alot of eggs in one basket
VuongPham511 (21022 PM) for me to trust you
xtheysaysjumpx (21054 PM) alright
xtheysaysjumpx (21100 PM) will you do an offer as i sign up?
VuongPham511 (21105 PM) yes
VuongPham511 (21106 PM) instant offer
xtheysaysjumpx (21109 PM) alright
xtheysaysjumpx (21111 PM) ill sign up now
VuongPham511 (21124 PM) then you will have your last GREEN for free desktop pC
xtheysaysjumpx (21132 PM) awsome
xtheysaysjumpx (21135 PM) im signing up now
xtheysaysjumpx (21314 PM)
xtheysaysjumpx (21318 PM) i show up?
VuongPham511 (21337 PM) cool
xtheysaysjumpx (21344 PM) am i there?
VuongPham511 (21636 PM) offer done.
VuongPham511 (21651 PM) so you are gonna pay pal me and complete the ipod photo offer?
xtheysaysjumpx (21656 PM) yes
xtheysaysjumpx (21700 PM) once it greens
VuongPham511 (21703 PM) congrats
VuongPham511 (21709 PM) you hsould have a green very soon
xtheysaysjumpx (21714 PM) thanks
xtheysaysjumpx (21715 PM) -D
VuongPham511 (21748 PM) mutual. waiting for pay pal and ipodphoto to turn green
VuongPham511 (21919 PM) what offer are you gonna do for free phootipod
VuongPham511 (21926 PM) so I can suggest it to others?
xtheysaysjumpx (21929 PM) appera
xtheysaysjumpx (22057 PM) i've got to eat dinner
xtheysaysjumpx (22058 PM) i wil be on later
xtheysaysjumpx (22117 PM) ill be on in about an hour or so
xtheysaysjumpx (22118 PM) ok?
xtheysaysjumpx (22155 PM) ?
VuongPham511 (22556 PM) ok whre are you ?

VuongPham511 (22559 PM) i amin californai
xtheysaysjumpx (23123 PM) new york
VuongPham511 (25438 PM) from gratis on my status page for freedesktoppc.
VuongPham511 (25439 PM) Your Status


You have completed your requirements. Now just get 10 friends to complete an offer.
xtheysaysjumpx (25709 PM) ok
xtheysaysjumpx (25710 PM) let me check
VuongPham511 (33811 PM) haven't seen you turn green yet/
Previous message was not received by xtheysaysjumpx because of error (33811 PM) User xtheysaysjumpx is not available.

VuongPham511 (35000 PM) haven't seen you turn green yet/
Previous message was not received by xtheysaysjumpx because of error (35001 PM) User xtheysaysjumpx is not available.

VuongPham511 (35241 PM) haven't seen you turn green yet
Previous message was not received by xtheysaysjumpx because of error (35241 PM) User xtheysaysjumpx is not available.


28-04-2005 08:44:40

Now I can't do freedesktopPC for anyone because of this scammer.


28-04-2005 18:21:24

my recent encounter with this fellow.

xtheysaysjumpx hey, its theysayjump from the fig forums. im a +13 trader and am looking for referrals, or paying 50 dollars for my last ref.
vaginusbeefus sure what do you need.
xtheysaysjumpx freedesktoppc or cameras4free
vaginusbeefus whats your link?
xtheysaysjumpx for which one?
vaginusbeefus the desktop one.
xtheysaysjumpx are you able to do an instant offer
vaginusbeefus if you are able to pay me instantly.
vaginusbeefus but you have no intention of paying me at all, so I will kindly ask you to eat my ass and only then I will sign up in your link.
xtheysaysjumpx what?
vaginusbeefus have a nice day and good luck in the future.
xtheysaysjumpx hold on
xtheysaysjumpx ill eat your ass
vaginusbeefus oh..
vaginusbeefus well that changes everything.
xtheysaysjumpx haha
xtheysaysjumpx lol
xtheysaysjumpx take it easy man
vaginusbeefus ;-)
vaginusbeefus you too.


28-04-2005 18:52:01

lol, you sure dont give up with this guy, haha


28-04-2005 19:22:05

jesus christ, people, to stop getting scammed (especially noobs) DO NOT TRADE ANYONE IN AIM or any messenger service. really not that hard. i no longer feel sorry for the ones being scammed thru aim.


28-04-2005 19:37:32

[quote323656bddb="craser"] i no longer feel sorry for the ones being scammed thru aim.[/quote323656bddb]


newbies need to check people out before signing up for anything, I did enough trolling to know whats going on.