Dump the scammer

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26-04-2005 22:50:30


Say you get scammed into a referral (I know, stupid see the sharpie post) can you cancel the offer and screw them out of the referral? This would obviously leave my account open and screw me out of the item...but if I don't care...who cares, right?

- Thoughts?

On the flip side say an offer doesn't show up for a legit trade, can I cancel the offer and pick another one without hurting the referral? I don't want to accidentally scam someone!

Thanks 8)


27-04-2005 07:09:22

I was scammed by someone. I did the Stamps.com offer for them. I realized it was a scammer and immediately called to cancel in hopes that they wouldn't get a green from it. About a week later, it went green anyway. I had cancelled it within an hour of signing up.

So it didn't work for me...



27-04-2005 07:11:08

Thanks for the heads up


27-04-2005 09:10:49

don't cancel though, it's a waste of an offer and if you ever want to do that site then you have to do another one.


27-04-2005 13:14:04

go somewhere other than youur house or work and make like 50 yellows using the same name, then he'll be on hold


27-04-2005 13:24:48



27-04-2005 19:22:14

its not worth it though, basically if you get scammed you got scammed!!