Avoid Trades with cdsnwboard!

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26-04-2005 18:23:10

I wrote this a few weeks ago but I figured I'd repost it here so it's more out in the open.


I did a trade with cdsnwboard nearly a month ago and went green within a few days. However, I never received a green in return. After 3 read and ignored messages over a week or two, I sent him a message saying that he needs to hold up his end of the deal or I'll post him on the bad trader list. This is what the cheeky bastard responded with.

look, I did an offer for that site, over 2 weeks ago. Gratis is not giving me credit for god knows why. I had this happen to me before on other Gratis sites, so i had to complete 2-3 offers for the same site. I am not about to do this for your site. I have done my part, now its in Gratis's hands. If your so desperate for the last green, just pay someone already to do it. Im sure, a handfull of people would be glad to be your last one. Im sorry for the situation, but I cannot do anything else.

Do yourself a favor and deal with someone else. If you've already "traded" with him, good luck.

Here's the address he supposedly did an offer for me with email==cutee1189@hotmail.comcutee1189@hotmail.com=cutee1189@hotmail.comcutee1189@hotmail.com/email


26-04-2005 19:07:43

he talked to me 2 but never did ne thing luckily i didn't either


22-08-2005 14:54:42

Yea, he tried to scam me on AIM. lmao


22-08-2005 14:57:29

going through the old posts?