ClearChannel40 - Obvious this Other OBVIOUS Scammer

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26-04-2005 13:54:41

Like I said, I run into these n00bs all the time. Im just now starting to post them. They are so retarded its funnay. Heres a good laff....

ClearChannel 40 Hello Are you there?
Battleangel3222 yeap
ClearChannel 40 what sites r u workin on
Battleangel3222 freeipods, freeipodshuffle
ClearChannel 40 i can do freeipods
ClearChannel 40 and freeipodshuffle
ClearChannel 40 how much r u offerin
Battleangel3222 $20 ea.
ClearChannel 40 ill do both?
ClearChannel 40 for $40?
Battleangel3222 yeap
ClearChannel 40 mmm ok
ClearChannel 40 gimme a min an check if ive done ipodshuffle
ClearChannel 40 nope
ClearChannel 40 ok im gunna do instants
ClearChannel 40 i think i can do VP and blockbuster
ClearChannel 40 lol
Battleangel3222 alright cool - but the link could help
ClearChannel 40 alright u pay upfront?
ClearChannel 40 <-- +21
Battleangel3222 Never. Refs are refs, Money is different. Im on the good traders list if that means anything to you.
ClearChannel 40 i understand
ClearChannel 40 wanna go half and half?
Battleangel3222 sorry man, money is a whole different subject, I need my refs first.
ClearChannel 40 forum rules bro
Battleangel3222 Forums dont decide if I have to make a trade or not
ClearChannel 40 ok
ClearChannel 40 well how do i know your legit
ClearChannel 40 because i want the ipod shuffle
Battleangel3222 Ill do 1 ref then pay you for that one, then do the other one, then the last one, considering you were willing to do half first, this shoudnt be a problem.
ClearChannel 40 mm
ClearChannel 40 $10 up front
ClearChannel 40 then ref
ClearChannel 40 then the other $10?
Battleangel3222 No madder what happends, Im not giving you money upfront. It doesnt madder if you have a billion refs, money is WAY different.
ClearChannel 40 ok
Battleangel3222 plus, for all i know you have 0 TR yourself
ClearChannel 40 mm +21
Battleangel3222 Alright, PM this conversation to me in the forums
ClearChannel 40 i cant im at work
Battleangel3222 LOLZ scammers are funnay.
ClearChannel 40 huh
ClearChannel 40 i am clearestchannel40
ClearChannel 40 i worte the post about scamming
ClearChannel 40 fuck you bitch
Battleangel3222 lol then why is ur aim name different? thought so
ClearChannel 40 huh
ClearChannel 40 because i like it like that asshole
ClearChannel 40 ur a scammer
ClearChannel 40 scammer!
ClearChannel 40 scammer!
ClearChannel 40 dickhead bitch
Battleangel3222 /reported
ClearChannel 40 fuck you
ClearChannel 40 i am 21
Battleangel3222 You sure dont act like it lmao. Get off daddys computer young man.
ClearChannel 40 21 trade record cocksucker
ClearChannel 40 whats ur forum name
Battleangel3222 LOL
Battleangel3222 dumbass
Battleangel3222 im looking at so called Your Profile http//
ClearChannel 40 yea thats me
Battleangel3222 The AIM name listed is godsaemoboy, Your so fucking stupid it makes me laff
ClearChannel 40 see!
ClearChannel 40 this is my back up
Battleangel3222 Cry more n00b....cry more....


26-04-2005 13:56:17

oh my fucking god, who the hell wants to be me???? and they do a bad job at it.. hell I DO A BAD JOB AT BEING ME.. but that is sad


26-04-2005 13:58:00

he got owned i love it

ben laden

26-04-2005 14:00:48

Yeah, he contacted me too. I started screwed with him once I checked the forums and realized that this isn't ClearChannel's real AIM name.

(154126) ClearChannel 40 Hello Are you there?
(154126) StLben15 <AUTO-REPLY> I'm in favor of personal growth as long as it doesn't include malignant tumors.
(155432) StLben15 what's up
(155438) ClearChannel 40 u wanna trade?
(155453) ClearChannel 40 clearestchannel40 +21
(155513) StLben15 you probably can't do what i need
(155532) ClearChannel 40 i have alot of options
(155537) StLben15 freeminimacs?
(155550) ClearChannel 40 i have only done a few gratis
(155554) ClearChannel 40 i dunt think so
(155557) ClearChannel 40 lemme check
(155559) ClearChannel 40 how much u offering
(155615) StLben15 what sites do you need?
(155656) ClearChannel 40 im lookin for $$$ lately
(155717) StLben15 ah
(155735) StLben15 i'll give you 10 dollars
(155738) StLben15 and i'll suck your dick
(155743) ClearChannel 40 WHAT!?
(155757) ClearChannel 40 ill do the 10 dollars
(155823) StLben15 how about a handjob?
(155826) ClearChannel 40 wtf
(155907) StLben15 i just want to touch your sexy body
(155915) ClearChannel 40 you a fagget
(155918) ClearChannel 40 fagget
(155919) ClearChannel 40 fagget
(155945) StLben15 i want to stick my tongue in your ear
(155953) StLben15 and tell you all the dirty things i want to do to you
(160022) StLben15 please?
(160025) StLben15 wanna cyber?!
(160027) StLben15 asl?
(160027) Unable to send message Not logged in


26-04-2005 14:01:34

look at the post right above this one... irony?

ben laden

26-04-2005 14:02:21

What do you mean?


26-04-2005 14:02:47


The real clearchannel imed me earlier for a trade and I told him I had gotten all of my signups.

Then the fake clearchannel imed me saying I could pay him for doing pvps4free. And I was like, I just told this guy that I had gotten all the signups I needed. I just said I had gotten all my signups and went on about my business. I didn't even notice it was a scammer lol.


26-04-2005 14:04:13

people dont try to scam me ( just harry gratis one time


26-04-2005 14:08:17

[quote1764e4f343="ben laden"]What do you mean?[/quote1764e4f343]

the thread above this one.. i meant


26-04-2005 14:36:17

so i read this post and i decided to have a lil i IMd clearchannel40

heres the conversation

P uNjaBiSiK H 90 Hello
ClearChannel 40 hi want to trade
P uNjaBiSiK H 90 wow so do i
P uNjaBiSiK H 90 im offering$55 for
ClearChannel 40 mmm i dont know
ClearChannel 40 you have to pay first i am a 21 trader
ClearChannel 40 clearestchannel40
P uNjaBiSiK H 90 sorry
P uNjaBiSiK H 90 im a +33 trader
ClearChannel 40 oh
ClearChannel 40 well
ClearChannel 40 pay first and ill get you two greens
ClearChannel 40 im 34 i think
P uNjaBiSiK H 90 hmm how did you get 13 trades in like less than a minute
P uNjaBiSiK H 90 i dnt think thats possible
ClearChannel 40 well i messed up
ClearChannel 40 i thought it was 21
ClearChannel 40 its not
ClearChannel 40 okay
ClearChannel 40 you want my paypal?
P uNjaBiSiK H 90 how about you sign up first
P uNjaBiSiK H 90 on my site
P uNjaBiSiK H 90 and once i see you
P uNjaBiSiK H 90 ill send you half =
P uNjaBiSiK H 90 halfli
ClearChannel 40 no way
ClearChannel 40 so you can scam me!
P uNjaBiSiK H 90 psh
P uNjaBiSiK H 90 i aint a scammer
ClearChannel 40 i hate scammers
ClearChannel 40 dirty rotten scoundrulls
P uNjaBiSiK H 90 you hate yourself?
ClearChannel 40 huh
ClearChannel 40 i dunt scam
P uNjaBiSiK H 90 your the scammer
ClearChannel 40 i have 34 trdes
ClearChannel 40 nope
ClearChannel 40 look on the site
P uNjaBiSiK H 90 i know the real clearestchannel40
ClearChannel 40 fuck.
P uNjaBiSiK H 90 so dnt try acting like him
P uNjaBiSiK H 90 you just put yourself into a trap and looks like you just got caught
ClearChannel 40 well i got 25 from you so i dont care
P uNjaBiSiK H 90 $25?
ClearChannel 40 im gunna buy a new itrip with my webcert
P uNjaBiSiK H 90 hmm let me guess your imanust?

and then he blocked me...the reason i think its imanust is cause i did a trade with him and he never went green...and i sent him a $25 webcert


26-04-2005 14:39:03

+karma for all three of you


26-04-2005 14:45:58

so i decided to have some more fun and find out who this person really was....look what i found

i used my other sn

K S C 2 0 0 8 Hey is this clearestchannel40 from
ClearChannel 40 yes
ClearChannel 40 who is this
K S C 2 0 0 8 sorry about that
ClearChannel 40 its okay
ClearChannel 40 what do you need
K S C 2 0 0 8 i need done
K S C 2 0 0 8 but i doubt you can do that
ClearChannel 40 i can do that!
K S C 2 0 0 8 o nice
K S C 2 0 0 8 any site i could do for you?
ClearChannel 40 i prefer webcerts or paypal
K S C 2 0 0 8 how much are you asking?
ClearChannel 40 $35 ?
K S C 2 0 0 8 that sounds good
K S C 2 0 0 8 once you go green
K S C 2 0 0 8 i will send you the money
ClearChannel 40 um
ClearChannel 40 i am +44
K S C 2 0 0 8 i believe it says +21
K S C 2 0 0 8 on FreeiPodGuide
ClearChannel 40 have i traded with u on my other screen name
K S C 2 0 0 8 which screenname?
ClearChannel 40 f8taltsunami
K S C 2 0 0 8 i don't think so
ClearChannel 40 i do alot of trades on that one too
ClearChannel 40 this is my new sn
K S C 2 0 0 8 o
ClearChannel 40 because i think u owe me paypal
K S C 2 0 0 8 i don't think so
K S C 2 0 0 8 but i do know that your a scammer and that your gonna be banned in no time from FIG
K S C 2 0 0 8 peace mate
ClearChannel 40 what!
K S C 2 0 0 8 dnt scam me
K S C 2 0 0 8 ever again

f8taltsunami is imanust...i know this because i traded wit him...i also knows this because his profile has his AIM


26-04-2005 14:56:32

f8taltsunami and imanust (same person) is now bant thanks for the info


26-04-2005 14:57:59

np...no1 should get scammed...and i did...didnt want that happening again


26-04-2005 15:06:27

good point i was scammed 4 times but wasnt smart enough to report it oh well


26-04-2005 16:29:43

[quote9c786e1508="Stroid"]f8taltsunami and imanust (same person) is now bant thanks for the info[/quote9c786e1508]

wow, thats a surprise.. i think i did business with him before.. just another case of a good kid gone bad \


26-04-2005 17:02:05



26-04-2005 18:11:02

ok so im talking to him now and he says thats not him....can you unban him?


26-04-2005 18:27:55

yeah i traded with imanust on aim as f8taltsunami and it worked out fine and dandy


26-04-2005 19:09:30

he IMed me as well saying it wasnt him or something.. maybe hes being honest


27-04-2005 12:29:40

When did you guys trade with him? And what's the email that he used to sign-up for your account?

I did a trade with imanust Monday 25th for a webcertificate.
Trade was for psps4free


27-04-2005 12:37:46

i think it was the 16th or 17th or of those days....he said it wasnt him but the odd part was that he IMd me....be4 he never IMd me...and then why would he say that he got a $25 webcert from me...i paid him that much...if it wasnt him then he probably wouldnt have said that...but idk now


27-04-2005 12:41:00

What email did he use?


27-04-2005 12:51:09

f8taltsunami at yahoo dot com


27-04-2005 17:50:27

yeah he used the same one for me


28-04-2005 15:21:49

Wow, that scared me for a second until I realized it was ClearChannel, not ClearestChannel.


30-04-2005 23:08:48

[quote0ff16ca192]LEFT0VER CR4CK hey
LEFT0VER CR4CK can you do freeipods?
ClearChannel 40 yes i can
ClearChannel 40 what can you do for me
LEFT0VER CR4CK awesome
LEFT0VER CR4CK what do you need
ClearChannel 40 i prefer webcets
ClearChannel 40 liwebcerts
LEFT0VER CR4CK whats your trade rep
ClearChannel 40 how much are u offering
ClearChannel 40 21
ClearChannel 40 btw
ClearChannel 40 i believe i may have done freeipods
ClearChannel 40 just let me check
ClearChannel 40 (i tried to avoid freeipods)
ClearChannel 40 nope
LEFT0VER CR4CK you havent?
ClearChannel 40 uh uh
ClearChannel 40 lol
ClearChannel 40 hard catch nowadays
ClearChannel 40 what you offering for it?
LEFT0VER CR4CK you should get a payment from[/quote0ff16ca192]

lmao. Karma plz kthx


30-04-2005 23:13:19

1) I never ask for Web Certificates, unless its a special occasion.
2) Always check my profile, I would never use a variation of my forum name.
3) Be smart! I can't do!!! You really think +21 hasn't touched freeipods.


01-05-2005 16:19:03

just so everyone knows another one of his aim names is 'Crunked OuT Thug'

[quotefdc1f4d617]GeeJ86 hey are you talking to clearest channel right now/
Crunked OuT Thug yes
Crunked OuT Thug which one
GeeJ86 what do you mean which one
Crunked OuT Thug clear channel 40
GeeJ86 yea
Crunked OuT Thug or the one on the forum
GeeJ86 are they different?
Crunked OuT Thug um no
Crunked OuT Thug no
Crunked OuT Thug not at all
GeeJ86 i'm confused
Crunked OuT Thug thats against the rules
[bfdc1f4d617]Crunked OuT Thug i g2g[/bfdc1f4d617]
Crunked OuT Thug byde[/quotefdc1f4d617]

[quotefdc1f4d617]ClearChannel 40 i think u need 2 green first
GeeJ86 why is that sir
ClearChannel 40 i think ur a scammer
GeeJ86 what?
GeeJ86 why do you think that
ClearChannel 40 send a pm
ClearChannel 40 my trade record is higher
GeeJ86 if you go too my profile and click aim...this box will pop up
GeeJ86 you ar 21+
GeeJ86 i am 24
ClearChannel 40 no im higher than that
ClearChannel 40 im 25
GeeJ86 really?
ClearChannel 40 yes
[bfdc1f4d617]ClearChannel 40 i g2g[/bfdc1f4d617][/quotefdc1f4d617]



01-05-2005 16:23:00

I must admit I love this guy. He actually makes ME look good.


15-05-2005 03:14:16

[quotee667b56877="clearestchannel40"]I must admit I love this guy. He actually makes ME look good.[/quotee667b56877]

I wouldnt go that far.

I did a trade with imanust which greened quick on get4friends but has since been "ungreened" , but i dont think its his fault. I also dont think it would be fair to ask him to do another green for the site since i, from what i hear, its a problem with get4friends.