? just a suggestion

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26-04-2005 12:52:21

Umm i was wondering if anyone else agreed with me, in that I dont really like having to go through all the pages on the good traders list cause all of that stuff can be found in that persons TR... Just wondering if it was possible to delete some of the old pages? Just a thought


26-04-2005 13:08:51

we start a new thread this is actually the second thread it just grows really fast. a new one will be created but what difference does it really make


26-04-2005 14:36:37

lol good point jw cause you know how you can only have 3 numbers in a routine @ the bottom (page number) it gets kinda redic goin through it but whatever


26-04-2005 20:28:58

I hear what you are saying but using the search feature usually works to expedite my research.