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25-04-2005 18:01:40

chilIywilly hey, its chillywilly from freeipodguide (+26 ) trader. Just wondering if you were intersted in trading referrals.
Battleangel3222 sure, what for what?
chilIywilly i need freedesktoppc
chilIywilly what do you need?
Battleangel3222 freeipods, freeipodshuffle
chilIywilly i can do ipodshuffle
Battleangel3222 alright. sounds good.
chilIywilly if you can do an instant
chilIywilly ill pay you 10 on top of doing your ref
Battleangel3222 Alright, just PM me this convo and your ref link on the forums
chilIywilly internet is lagging really bad for me
Battleangel3222 No worrys, Ill do your ref as soon as i get the pm
chilIywilly will do
chilIywilly signed off at 75815 PM.

Funny, he didnt seem to want to do it after I asked him to send me a PM (which would obviously prove his so called +26 TR. Anyways, another scammer to avoid. Goodluck everyone.


25-04-2005 18:02:51

You should edit your title so that it says chiliywilly, not chillywilly (a respected good trader).


25-04-2005 18:04:39

he just contacted me 2 heres the conversation

almost i dentical... what an idiot i hate scammers

Session Start (dudeextremchilIywilly) Mon Apr 25 175555 2005
[1755] chilIywilly hey, its chillywilly from freeipodguide (+26 ) trader. Just wondering if you were intersted in trading referrals.
[1756] DudeExtrem 4 what?
[1756] lilili "chilIywilly" signed on at Mon Apr 25 175611 2005.
[1756] chilIywilly i need freedesktoppc
[1756] chilIywilly what do you need
[1756] DudeExtrem
[1757] DudeExtrem can u do that?
[1758] chilIywilly i can
[1758] DudeExtrem like actually do it or create a second accont
[1759] chilIywilly no
[1759] chilIywilly i can actually do it
[1759] DudeExtrem cool
[1759] DudeExtrem PM me please on the forum
[1759] chilIywilly my internet is severely lagging
[1759] DudeExtrem ok well
[1759] DudeExtrem pm me when u can
[1800] chilIywilly will do.
[1800] lilili "chilIywilly" signed off at Mon Apr 25 180008 2005.
Session Close (chilIywilly) Mon Apr 25 180127 2005


25-04-2005 18:07:53

This is the same guy that has been scamming and keeps being banned on the forum. He won't stop till noone else falls for it again. Remember to always ask for PM before you do a trade, and if they give you some bullshit excuse, come here and post the convo )


25-04-2005 18:08:44

Thanks for telling me admin. Fixed - LOL n00bs are funnay here. I get em all the time.


25-04-2005 18:55:13

he imed me too, I made a post about it in the off topic forum

chilIywilly (64815 PM) Hello Are you there?
me (65433 PM) yeah?
chilIywilly (65443 PM) im from freeipodguide
chilIywilly (65506 PM) +17 trader
chilIywilly (65506 PM) did you want to trade refs?
chilIywilly (65558 PM) ?
me (65558 PM) hold on
chilIywilly (65605 PM) ok
me (65800 PM) can you pm me from the forums
chilIywilly (65836 PM) internet is really lagging
chilIywilly (65857 PM) i can link you to my profile though, i have it saved in word
me (65919 PM) linking me to your profile doesn't help me any since I'm at your profile now
me (65931 PM) were you on the boards today?
chilIywilly (65936 PM) is that ok?
me 65952 PM) were you on the boards today?
me (70028 PM) ??/
chilIywilly (70033 PM)
me (70036 PM) what did you say your trade record was?
me (70045 PM) that doesn't answer my question
me (70125 PM) you say your internet is lagging, is your brain lagging b/c you can't seem to answer any questions
me (70155 PM) you don't want to trade?
chilIywilly (70241 PM) what site did you need?
me (70254 PM) you never answered my other questions
me (70259 PM) you're such a loser
chilIywilly (70344 PM) ??
sheaintbrandnew (70417 PM) answer my questions
chilIywilly signed off at 70436 PM.

ben laden

25-04-2005 19:12:53

I also got contacted by this lamer, going by the name chilIywilly.

(200341) chilIywilly Hello Are you there?
(200341) StLben15 <AUTO-REPLY> I suppose it would be nice if reincarnation were a reality, but I have problems with the math. At some point, orginally, there must have been a time when there were only two human beings. They both died, and presumably their souls were reincarnated into two other bodies. But that still leaves us with only two souls. We now have nearly six billion people on the planet. Where are all the extra souls coming from? Is someone printing up souls? Wouldn't that tend to lower their value?
(210745) StLben15 yo
(210748) StLben15 you there now?
(210756) chilIywilly yea
(210759) StLben15 what's up
(210817) chilIywilly im chillywilly from freeipodguide +26 trader . are you intersted in trading or being paid 50 dollars to be my last ref
(210856) StLben15 i most likely can't do the site, but what is it?
(210947) chilIywilly freedesktoppc
(211001) StLben15 already done it
(211002) StLben15 sorry
(211010) StLben15 and they're shitty about crediting, too, at least in my experience
(211113) StLben15 not to mention that you're a scammer, what with your replacing an L with an I
(211114) Unable to send message Not logged in
(211116) StLben15 dumbass
(211116) Unable to send message Not logged in


25-04-2005 23:54:11

Good calls on everyone to avoid this scamming asshole.

I took my AIM option off out here. All trades I do are via PM... no other way.

Plus my real AIM isn't the same as what the scammer is using.

Sure wish these dumb asses would learn the rest of us are smart. New users should always come to this area to see who is a scammer or not.


27-04-2005 19:02:37

chilIywilly hey
me hey
chilIywilly its chillywilly from FIG
chilIywilly im really in need of one last ref, and am paying 30 dollars, 35 for an instant
chilIywilly are you up for it?
me ok
chilIywilly can you do
me yea
chilIywilly ok cool
chilIywilly are you able to do an instant offer?
me yea sure
chilIywilly alright
chilIywilly did you want my link?
me sure
chilIywilly where does the paypal go to?
chilIywilly and what email will you be using
chilIywilly so i can record this in my spreadsheet
me how bout you just go to and check out that thread about you being an obvious scammer?


27-04-2005 19:04:04

this was his reply to me owning him

chilIywilly how about you try and go on freeipodguide
chilIywilly since you're banned
chilIywilly for being such a pussy llicking nlililier
chilIywilly that's what i thought you piece of shit
chilIywilly nlililier


28-04-2005 18:39:59

Hahahahahahahahaahhahahahah.. What a fucking knob.. I almost fell for this guy.. You know, if he would've kept his mouth shut I might have.

[quote63557d2672](212434) LEFT0VER CR4CK hey
(212435) chilIywilly <AUTO-REPLY> I am away from my computer right now.
(212442) LEFT0VER CR4CK I need a freeipods ref, can you help?
(212442) chilIywilly <AUTO-REPLY> I am away from my computer right now.
(212446) chilIywilly yup
(212533) chilIywilly why
(212814) chilIywilly hello?
(212925) LEFT0VER CR4CK hold on one sec
(212926) LEFT0VER CR4CK sry
(212935) chilIywilly k
(213509) LEFT0VER CR4CK hey
(213510) LEFT0VER CR4CK sorry
(213515) LEFT0VER CR4CK was on the phone
(213520) chilIywilly its cool
(213526) LEFT0VER CR4CK so, what do you need
(213531) chilIywilly cameras4free
(213534) chilIywilly and freedesktoppc
(213544) LEFT0VER CR4CK i can do cameras4free
(213548) chilIywilly sweet
(213549) LEFT0VER CR4CK whats your trade ref
(213553) LEFT0VER CR4CK repli
(213553) LEFT0VER CR4CK heh
(213558) chilIywilly +26
(213610) LEFT0VER CR4CK on FIG?
(213616) chilIywilly yup
(213654) chilIywilly want to trade?
(213659) LEFT0VER CR4CK and youve never dnoe freeipods?
(213700) LEFT0VER CR4CK wow
(213700) LEFT0VER CR4CK lol
(213704) chilIywilly yea
(213708) chilIywilly normally pay people
(213720) LEFT0VER CR4CK can you PM me
(213722) LEFT0VER CR4CK on FIG
(213746) chilIywilly what's your name
(213754) LEFT0VER CR4CK MicroChris
(213805) chilIywilly i've got a question for you
(213807) chilIywilly before i do
(213817) LEFT0VER CR4CK ?
(213834) chilIywilly what exactly are you trying to accomplish?
(213843) chilIywilly to post our convo on FIG saying you served me?
(213847) chilIywilly you're fucking pathetic
(213850) LEFT0VER CR4CK ??????
(213853) LEFT0VER CR4CK wtf are you talking about
(213859) chilIywilly no one, and ill say it again, would impersonate you and your 0 trading record
(213903) chilIywilly you dumb motherfucker
(213910) LEFT0VER CR4CK dude
(213913) LEFT0VER CR4CK im trying to trade
(213914) LEFT0VER CR4CK ??
(213926) chilIywilly no you're not
(213930) chilIywilly shut the fuck up
(213935) chilIywilly i know you read the scammer section
(213938) LEFT0VER CR4CK dude.. what are you talking about?
(213939) LEFT0VER CR4CK yeah i do
(213940) chilIywilly and i know that you're being a ltitle jew bag
(213944) LEFT0VER CR4CK but what you talking about
(213946) chilIywilly so post this convo
(213952) chilIywilly tell them you "owned" me
(213957) chilIywilly here's my ref link
(214003) chilIywilly
(214008) chilIywilly
(214009) chilIywilly
(214009) chilIywilly
(214047) LEFT0VER CR4CK wow i almost fell for you
(214053) LEFT0VER CR4CK lol damn
(214053) chilIywilly no you didn't
(214103) chilIywilly don't block me
(214106) chilIywilly but are you serious?
(214126) LEFT0VER CR4CK suck a fat black cock you fucking piece of shit
(214129) chilIywilly logged out.[/quote63557d2672]