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25-04-2005 17:43:59

[b5cc231b201]Guidelines or Rules of Thumb v.1[/b5cc231b201]

[b5cc231b201]--General Warning--[/b5cc231b201]

All trades are done at your own risk. FreeiPodGuide takes no responsibility for the actions of either party. We encourage trading among all users, but we highly suggest extreme caution at all times, and especially when trading with new users. When provided with sufficient evidence, we will take all available action to prevent/reduce the incidence of scamming in these forums.

[b5cc231b201]--New Users--[/b5cc231b201]

If you are a new user (eg. TR is 0), we advise you to only trade with other members who have a Trade Record (TR) of 4 or more. You may trade with whomever you please, but only trades between members who have 4TR or higher, will be credited + 1TR point for each trade.

Please lurk for at least a little while to see how things are done. Vague posts are the worst, because they waste everyone's time. Please be concise but include every piece of relevent information you can, such as sites you're willing to sign up for, site's you've already signed up for, how much you're charging/willing to pay, if you take paypal, etc.

[b5cc231b201]--Trading Rules--[/b5cc231b201]

[b5cc231b201]a.[/b5cc231b201] We strongly recommend using the [u5cc231b201][i5cc231b201][b5cc231b201]Trade Module[=http//]Trade Module[/i5cc231b201][/b5cc231b201][/u5cc231b201] for all aspects of trading (once you have an agreement). Remember to ALWAYS verify a trader's forum name by having them send you a PM before you engage in trading over another medium, such as AIM or MSN. You should also save AIM or MSN conversations somewhere such as the [u5cc231b201][i5cc231b201][b5cc231b201]Notes[=http//]Notes[/b5cc231b201][/i5cc231b201][/u5cc231b201] area.

[b5cc231b201]b.[/b5cc231b201] Unless otherwise agreed upon, the trade record found in every user's profile and in every user's post is the deciding factor if there is any question as to who should 'go first'. Whoever has the lower TR is expected to finish his side first. THIS IS A GUIDELINE. EACH TRADE MAY OR MAY NOT FOLLOW THIS RULE EXACTLY. YOU ARE FREE TO TRADE ON YOUR OWN TERMS, BUT YOU WILL ONLY RECEIVE A TRADE RECORD POINT IF YOU FOLLOW OUR RULES.

[b5cc231b201]c.[/b5cc231b201] If you have tried to contact (PM, AIM/MSN and E-mail) a member that you're in a trade with but they have failed to respond to you for 14 days then you have the right to cancel your trade together. A cancelled trade is only such after these three conditions have been met

[b5cc231b201]~1.)[/b5cc231b201] You Have tried to contact the other member through either PM's, AIM/MSN or E-mail AT LEAST once every 7 dayslili[/color5cc231b201]
[b5cc231b201]~2.)[/b5cc231b201] You have received no response at all for 14 days straight, and
[b5cc231b201]~3.)[/b5cc231b201] You have PM'ed the other trader after 14 days and explained to them that you're cancelling your trade due to their lack of communication and will be looking elsewhere for your greens/money.

lili[/color5cc231b201]You cannot contact someone (as an example) on day 13 and 14 and assume the trade to be cancelled after the 14th day. You must contact the other trader once within the first 7 days of a trade and again between days 8 and 14 of the trade.

You cannot assume that a trade is cancelled just because you haven't heard from the other trader after 14 days. If we find you to have cancelled a trade and not met the above conditions, you will be subject to your initial trade agreement and refusal to do so will result in Trade Module limitations, your TR being dropped to -1, accounts being placed on hold and banned from this forum.

We will find out if you try to deceive us in your trading partners lack of communication and the above punishments will also apply.

If your Trading Partner notifies you that they'll be away from the forum for a certain period of time, this time is not part of the "14 day, lack of communication" period.

[b5cc231b201]--Trade Record--[/b5cc231b201]

[b5cc231b201]a.[/b5cc231b201] After you have completed a trade with another user, use the Trade Module to "Request TR" so that both parties may receive a trade record point.

[b5cc231b201]If both users have less than 4 TR...[/b5cc231b201]
You will not receive credit for your trade.

[b5cc231b201]If at least one trader has 4 or more TR...[/b5cc231b201]
You will BOTH be credited, assuming that your trade is legitimate.

[b5cc231b201]Sites not qualifying for TR...[/b5cc231b201]
Trades for sites such as TextPayMe, ThisStuffIsFree, DSLite, 50.Free4Me,and any other non CC sites will NOT[/color5cc231b201] be credited. You may still trade for them, but requesting TR for such will result in them being denied. If you continue to request TR for them, temp-bans will be enforced.


[b5cc231b201]a.[/b5cc231b201] Do not hijack or thread-crap in other peoples' threads.

[b5cc231b201]b.[/b5cc231b201] Do not create a new post more than once per 3 days. Also, do not 'bump' your post more than once per 24 hours (1 day). When the 3 days are up, you may choose to create a new thread, or bump an existing thread, but you cannot do both.

[b5cc231b201]c.[/b5cc231b201] Post icons will be required for all new trade threads made that are only offering cash. If you are offering cash and trades, then it is not needed. Threads that are classified in this category but do not have a post icon will be locked and you will be warned that if it happens again, then you will receive a temp-ban.
CASH OFFER post icon
http//[" alt=""/img5cc231b201]

If you're offering a trade, you can use the TRADE icon
[img="5cc231b201]http//[" alt=""/img5cc231b201]
but it's not required.

[b5cc231b201]d.[/b5cc231b201] Avoid profanity, racial slurs, and other speech that is a detriment to the semi-professional nature of trading. If you want to play it fast and loose, head over to [u5cc231b201][i5cc231b201][b5cc231b201][url==http//]Off-Topic[=http//]Off-Topic[/url][/b5cc231b201][/i5cc231b201][/u5cc231b201].

[b5cc231b201]e.[/b5cc231b201] Post ONLY about trading here. All other posts should be placed in the appropriate forums. This especially applies to posts about suspected scammers, traders who have disappeared, and questions about trading, offers, or the rules.

[b5cc231b201]f.[/b5cc231b201] If you are trading for someone else who is not a member of this forum, then you must state in your thread that this is the case. People deserve to know who they are trading with and where their money/greens are coming from and/or going to.

[b5cc231b201]g.[/b5cc231b201] The selling of DIY site referrals is now strictly prohibited. If anyone is seen trying to buy refs, sell refs or promote this in any way, you will receive a 14 day temp-ban.


[b5cc231b201]a.[/b5cc231b201] Posting referral links will result in a instant ban.

[b5cc231b201]b.[/b5cc231b201] If you do not hold to your word, or you behave in any way that seems 'shady', you will be banned. There is no room for that here.

[b5cc231b201]c.[/b5cc231b201] Thread-crapping will result in a 5 day temp-ban.

[b5cc231b201]d.[/b5cc231b201] Being rude and/or antagonistic to anyone in any way will result in a 14 day temp-ban.

[b5cc231b201]e.[/b5cc231b201] Violating any of the rules below on 2 or more occasions

[b5cc231b201]1.[/b5cc231b201] Posting a thread in violation of [u5cc231b201][i5cc231b201][b5cc231b201][url==http//]Forum Rules[=http//]Forum Rules[/url][/b5cc231b201][/i5cc231b201][/u5cc231b201] or the rules in this post.

[b5cc231b201]2.[/b5cc231b201] Referencing reputation on another site. Since nobody here regulates what those sites do, we cannot take these numbers seriously. As such, refrain from posting about them.

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11-02-2007 12:48:57

Hello, I don't know who I need to write/talk to but I was recently notified by that my account was on hold due to having "multiple accounts" which I took me by surprise. I finally was able to figure out that apparently, when I did a paidsurvey, one of the sites I may have done was with Zeropricetags under my old account. Again, this was something that I didn't remember and I had already stopped using the old email= address. I do not hold address. I do not hold any longer. That is why I opened my I am not intentionally opening more than 1 acct with any company because I barely figured out how to refer people to my referral links, and barely started getting the hang of doing this Freebie stuff. I am not intentionally trying to fool anyone. I don't know the first thing about being a "bad guy" or "scam artist". Please don't cancel me out in this site. I promise to try to be more careful in making sure that I only have one account with any of the sites that I do offers for. Again, I really meant no harm at all nor did I mean to cause and problems.My current email= account is account is and that is the only email address that I am currently using. Thank you for your time.


11-02-2007 12:53:32

Here's who you should contact

He owns the site. Next time just post in the Other Freebie Sites forum.