Lumberjacks again...he won't quit.

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25-04-2005 16:42:30

That scammer guy with the fake AIM names just im'd me again. Under the name of "chilIywilly". I didn't notice the "I" at first. Here's the convo.

chilIywilly (73911 PM) hey
OMMFGFireIsFun (73919 PM) hey
chilIywilly (73929 PM) its chillywilly from fig
chilIywilly (73932 PM) +26 trader
chilIywilly (73937 PM) did you want to trade refs?
OMMFGFireIsFun (73956 PM) I'd love to, but I can't right this second. Homework.
chilIywilly (74004 PM) ok
chilIywilly (74008 PM) want to im me when you're done?
OMMFGFireIsFun (74012 PM) Sure.
chilIywilly (74018 PM) ok, sweet
OMMFGFireIsFun (74101 PM) oh, nice try
OMMFGFireIsFun (74103 PM) nevermind
chilIywilly signed off at 74107 PM.

So, watch out for this guy.


25-04-2005 16:56:12

Gods A Emo Boy hi
Gods A Emo Boy you want to trade
Gods A Emo Boy ill go first
chilIywilly ok
Gods A Emo Boy how is $45 for freeipods?
chilIywilly hmm
chilIywilly alright
Gods A Emo Boy oaky just send me a pm
chilIywilly ok
Gods A Emo Boy fucking scammer bitch
chilIywilly pm'ing now
chilIywilly you think you're cute
Gods A Emo Boy ditch this sn now
Gods A Emo Boy its clearestchannel40
chilIywilly guess what
chilIywilly i've already scammed you
Gods A Emo Boy how so?
chilIywilly faggot


25-04-2005 18:17:34

yeah, that guy just im'd me, and told me to go first! He said that this forum was down, the FREEIPODGUIDE forum,wtf? he said that i would have to just sign up for his offer from his link on AIM! what a piece of crap!