Fake Orpheus - sweeedfish on AIM

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24-04-2005 16:27:09

The real name is Orpheeus911, which is me ( notice the 911 )

Watch out he's posing as me with a name like mine

Orpheeus91I (72304 PM) Hello Are you there?

Its lumberjacks aka jeep aka core ride posing as me


24-04-2005 16:31:38

God damn is that a nice looking sig!


24-04-2005 17:04:44

edit all gone


24-04-2005 19:21:16

I was literally a click away from falling for this poser and thankfully the real Orpheus came back just in time to straighen things out. Just comes to show you that you can't be too careful. Didnt even notice the I/1 difference. To be on the safe side I'd just block orpheeus91I on your buddy list right now.
[quote0584e79f98]Session Start (StarfrogA7Orpheeus91I) Sun Apr 24 192302 2005
Orpheeus91I Hello Are you there?
lilili Auto-response sent to Orpheeus91I Out of the house.
StarFrogA7 hi
Orpheeus91I hey
Orpheeus91I its sweeefish from fig
StarFrogA7 hey
Orpheeus91I did you want to trade referrals or get paid 35 for one
StarFrogA7 i'd like to trade for mp3players4free
Orpheeus91I ok
Orpheeus91I i can do that
Orpheeus91I can you do desktoppc.com
StarFrogA7 let me check
StarFrogA7 whats the actual site name?
Orpheeus91I sweeedfish
StarFrogA7 no, i mean for the offer site
Orpheeus91I desktoppc
StarFrogA7 (Link http//www.desktoppc.com/?)http//www.desktoppc.com/?
StarFrogA7 cause that isnt it
Orpheeus91I freedesktoppc.com
StarFrogA7 ah
StarFrogA7 havent done taht
Orpheeus91I awsome
Orpheeus91I could you do an instant for me?
StarFrogA7 sry i cant, i'm very particular when it comes to doing offers
Orpheeus91I what offer could you do then?
StarFrogA7 wait, what kind of offers are instant?
Orpheeus91I umm
Orpheeus91I appera
Orpheeus91I video prof
StarFrogA7 oh ok i see
Orpheeus91I so did you want to do it
StarFrogA7 yeah sure, and you can do mp3players4free?
Orpheeus91I i can
StarFrogA7 ok
Orpheeus91I so did you want my link
StarFrogA7 umm yeah
Orpheeus91I (Link http//www.FreeDesktopPC.com/?r=14108745)http//www.FreeDesktopPC.com/?r=14108741
StarFrogA7 my email= address will be email=hiddendecoy@yahoo.comhiddendecoy@yahoo.com address will be email=hiddendecoy@yahoo.comhiddendecoy@yahoo.com/email
Orpheeus91I ok
Orpheeus91I what offer di dyou do
StarFrogA7 i'm trying to do some last minute homework, it'll probably be the teethwhitening
Orpheeus91I ok
Session Close (Orpheeus91I) Sun Apr 24 220027 2005



25-04-2005 12:50:36

zainy thats hilarious


25-04-2005 15:31:51

this guy just DOESNT stop does he?

not only does he want free items, he wants it to be handed TO him.. tsk tsk tsk.


25-04-2005 18:05:28