Newbie Willing To Learn and Cooperate - Need some cash..

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09-03-2008 11:56:59


I am new to the forum.

I have not signed up for any websites yet.

Im looking to earn some cash, by going green.

Im willing to go green first, and then get paid.

Also, im ready to do offers that will make me go green for $1 or $2.

Please help me get my trade rep up. I would rather work with someone with a trade rep of 20+ just to be safe on my end.

AIM - Patel1357

And im paypal verified 200+


09-03-2008 12:50:37

Great trader! We made a deal, I got a green, and he got paypal all in about 15 minutes. Welcome to the freebie world.


09-03-2008 13:02:17

i have a site you can green on for free and others you can green on for less then 2 dollars


09-03-2008 13:42:22

Sending message