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07-03-2008 20:39:21

I would like to start on the TraInn Sites, I just came back awhile back. I prefer to trade, I havent done anysites. Looking to start with

http// 6 xbox only
http// 8 ps3 only
http// 12 8gb

If you can, can anyone confirm their rates?

Im not exactly sure what im looking for, maybe the first one i start with is paypal and then I start trading.

pm me

edit i also might want to start


07-03-2008 22:21:49

pm sent


08-03-2008 06:46:02

bump, workin out details


08-03-2008 09:58:36

U should pay out at least $25/ref for Trainn. If you're interested in G4G, PM me.


08-03-2008 16:17:55

updated. maybe http//

sandra habina

08-03-2008 16:28:50

YourfreeiPhone $28 Safe trading.