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07-03-2008 16:12:18

Hi all looking to trade refs for cash i have 9 tr at here is link for that http//[]http// remember do not sign up for the site through these offer links they are the offers only, pm me for the ref link

5 dollars to join the conga 123wii conga join

through month of march i will high payouts for your green on macrobucks

if u are the 5th ref you get 5 bonus bucks
10th = 10 bonus bucks
20th= 20 bonus bucks
30th= 30 dollar bonus
60th = 60 bonus bucks

1 credit site

30 dollars for Offers http//[]http//

2 credit sites

70 dollars for; offers http//[]http//

70 dollars for; offers http//[]http//

70 dollars for offers http//

3 credit site

100 dollars for offers http//


Start the wish4free network, it is awesome many different payouts some one credit, here are offers, forever green

http//[" alt=""/img]

Here are the sites I am offering and payment details

1 credit sites

25$$ for

25$ for ( site has cameras, ipods, mp3 players, video cameras)

25$ for games.wish4free ( has halo 3 legendary edition, which is awesome!, 40 dollar ref)

2 credit sites

35$ for entertainment.wish4free (site offers payouts, and xbox 360 for 5 refs, low refs for other systems also.)

50$ for bigpaypal.wish4free (awesome site 80 dollars per ref payout)

50$ for audiobass.wish4free ( has stereo equipement for your car, 80 dollar ref payout)

3 credit sites[/size

80$ for laptops.wish4free (awesome deals on laptops some only 7 refs to get)

80$ for desktops.wish4free( can get a comp for 3 refs!!! It's a compaq, but hey it's free)

80$ for (can get a electric guitar for 3 refs, otherwise it is 120 per ref!!)

[size="4"]4 credit sites

120$$ for (This site pays out 160.00 per ref, can cashout on one ref!!)

1 credit easy site
25 dollars for your ref on offers http//

2 credit easy site
55 dollars for your ref on offers [url=]http//[]http//[/url]

I am paying 25 for the following train sites

unfortunately I can not post their offers because they go straight to home page, but I am paying for these sites fast so hurry and be my ref.

Also the person to be my last ref on any of these sites will receive a bonus 20 dollars as a march promotion from me offer ends at the end of march

3604free 5 refs needed!!



yournintendowii4free 4 refs needed!!!!



Would prefer 3604free though because I only need 5 more refs

The best site out there git-r-free wish I had more to offer

I am paying 120 dollars per ref on 4 credit site offers Git-r-free - Git-R-Free custom packaged bundle deals, wii, ps3, xbox 360 bundles and more!

Paying 20 dollars for 1 credit site offers Git-r-free - Git-R-Free Video Games

pm me if interested

will expect a refund if you go red however.

paying 20 dollars for people to go green on my flatscreens.freepay site, the last greener will get a bonus 20 dollars.

Another site I am offering 25 dollars per ref is games.wish4free here are offers http//

remember do not sign up for the site through these offer links they are the offers only, pm me for the ref link

I am currently trying to complete
3604free refs 5/8
flatscreens.freepay 0/8
games.wish4free 0/3

Offering 20 dollar completion bonus to last ref for these three sites come on down.
pm me if interested

also paying 20 dollars for 123wiifree

pm me if interested lets make some money!!!

pm me if interested[url=][][/url]