Paying $30+ For TRAINN! No cost 1 credit! Newbs welcome!

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07-03-2008 15:49:22

I am willing to help anybody get their freebie dreams. I have made over $1000 in freebies so I guess you could call me an expert. I have decided to focus mainly on a few TRAINN sites for now. I offer full support via AIM, E-Mail, PM, Phone or any other way you can think of. Even if this is your first time here on the site I am willing to do this with you. Overall the process should take a matter of minutes. Let me help you get everything you want free!
$30 Trades

Do two sites, get $5 bonus.
Do all three, get $10!

Make sure you setup the trade!
If you red, you owe me my money back!
I pay after green usually with 24 to a few days.