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07-03-2008 15:15:32

Hi Everyone!

I am new to this site, but not new to trading. I am Paypal Verified, I pay quick on Green[/color11e12fe322]. I am easy to work with and want to help you make some easy CASH! 8)

Paying on GREEN [/color11e12fe322]at the following sites

Cash Parrot - $20 ($23 when you green in the month of March)

Logitech V-Bux - $30

60.MacroBucks - $25

$$$$ BONUS $$$$[/color11e12fe322]

If you Green[/color11e12fe322] on ALL the Above sites by March 17 - you will receive an extra $10 - WOOHOO! GO GET THEM!

lili After March 17, you will receive a $5 bonus for completing ALL of the above sites. lili


[u11e12fe322]Extra Sites[/u11e12fe322][/color11e12fe322]
Cash.Git-R-Free - $20

Paypal MJRewardz - $20

80.MacroBucks - $30

Gift Card Monster - $20

Camera Monster - $20

GetFit4EverGreens - $20

DeskTopComputers4FREE (trainn site) - $30

DO NOT Sign up Yet, Send me a Private Message (PM) for the links to get started! [/size11e12fe322]

I know no one likes rules, but these are fairly simple.

1. I will set up the Trade in the Trade Manager (not you)
2. You must keep me up to date as to how you are progressing with the site(s).
3. Do not be pushy about payments once you have gone Green. I do pay fast, within 24 hours.
4. If you go Red any time, you will be required to pay me back in full.
5. You must use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox web browsers. AOL is NOT accepted on these sites, so don't use it!
6. Best of all, HAVE FUN! [/size11e12fe322]