TRAINN! YourNintendoWii4Free! Get In Here!!!

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06-03-2008 18:51:20

I'm starting up[/color053883ebd9] of the Trainn Network. As always, it only takes one offer to go green and some of these are even free! [b053883ebd9]Paying $25[/b053883ebd9].

Prizes include multiple Wii packages with games and extra controllers or $250 cash!

1) tjsun[/color053883ebd9]
2) samielm[/color053883ebd9]
3) smurocks[/color053883ebd9]

http//[" alt=""/img053883ebd9]

All trades for users with TR of 5 and higher are paid on green, or if you have already passed approval for another user.

If you have TR below 5, I will pay you on approval (should be pretty quick anyway).

PM me or post on the thread with any questions or if you'd like to trade.


07-03-2008 02:06:40

can I do your nintendowii for you ?
holla from newbee


07-03-2008 18:33:43

It's an excellent an easy site for anyone to do. There are even offers that are still free to do!


09-03-2008 15:54:09

bump it up